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Does this work?

July 28, 2011

Hello people,
Just received a Blackberry from work. Unfortunately, the model I was issued is the Bold, whereas I had a Bb Torch previously. The main difference is that this model doesn’t have a touchscreen. No matter how hard I touch the screen of this phone, it will not convert to a touch screen. Rats.
I started my new job here in Chattanooga this week and am enjoying getting to know the people. More to follow, especially as facebook is blocked on the work phone, the beneficiary will likely be the blog…

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Daaa Bears

October 14, 2010

Well, it’s official. We Are…Ole Miss. And our new on-field mascot is a Black Bear.          

For better or worse, that’s who we are going to be. As much as I was sad to see Col. Rebel go, I ready to finally move on. I found this really funny and hope that the Rebel fans will embrace it and not get stuck on what’s long been gone. As many of you know, the University of Florida mascot Al has a female friend (Alberta) who frequently accompanies him on the sidelines.

We really need to have a Mama Bear to keep him company. This would really complete the picture (for me) and be a huge money-maker for the female Rebel fans. Undoubtedly we will have a lot of fans make fun of this move for a number of years, but it will eventually die out and our children won’t remember a time without the Bear. I’m pretty indifferent, but am glad that a decision has finally been made. Admiral Ackbar had lasers, but this bear would have made pretty short work of him in close quarters.

Stop what you’re doing and watch

September 7, 2010

Pinch me

November 23, 2009

I have been an Ole Miss fan as long as I can remember. I grew up less than one mile from the heart of campus and as hard as I tried to escape, I am glad that I decided to be a Rebel. In this time, I have had the opportunity to watch our football team win games we should have lost and lose games that should not have even been close. All this to set the stage for Saturday’s showdown with #8 LSU. There is no team out there that I have more animosity towards than LSU.

When in college, I travelled to Baton Rouge twice to watch the rivalry. In 1997 as a freshman and in the marching band, we won 36-21 in a day game. I will never forget the near-constant rain of bottles and cups that were thrown at the band throughout the game. That’s classy. In 1999, Jen and I drove down for a night game (in the rain) and we put it to them 42-23. With those 2 results, you might think that we have had the upper hand in the series, but 02-07 found us losing 6 in a row. If you look back on the series tally (since I was old enough to go to games), LSU has held the edge 15-9. All this to say, there is a lot of bad blood between these two schools.

Enter Saturday, Nov 21. The CBS SEC game of the week. The early game was dominated by Ole Miss with a couple of questionable calls that took the rebels out of the endzone twice, having to settle for a field goal and a LSU int for a TD. The defense held strong and we went in at the half down only 17-15.

The 3rd quarter was a field position struggle and the real excitement came in the 4th quarter. Dexter McCluster has been the hero of the second half of the season and completed his first pass ever for a TD with 13 minutes left to go putting us up 17-22. A clock-eating drive gave us a field goal to go up 17-25. Up by a TD with 2-pt conversion with 3:42 to go. What happened next is legendary. A methodical drive by LSU gave them a TD with 1:17 left pulled them to within 2. After 2 tries at the conversion, the rebels somehow managed to hold onto a 2 point lead.

Everyone knew the on-sides kick was coming and LSU ran it to perfection. At this point, I had indigestion. I could just see Ole Miss losing this to a last-second field goal. I could barely watch. The mental vaccuum that is the offensive minds in LSU somehow botched clock management and the tigers ended up on the Ole Miss 6yd line with the game clock expired. For once, things went our way. I waited for 10 minutes (well after the game coverage went off the air) to allow myself to breathe and enjoy the tally mark in the win column. At 8-3 with the Egg bowl left to play, the Rebels are finding a way to redeem what was supposed to be a great season. Will await bowl predictions soon.

The night only got more interesting as we went to a Mannheim Steamroller concert. Yes, the uber-popular Christmas music phenomenon tours and has been doing so for some time. Needless to say, it was a Laser Drum, Laser Light, Laser violin extravaganza. I lost it when the violin player pulled a spin move. It was a good day.

Next: Highlights!

The One Thing: 11/11

November 12, 2009

All I know about Glenn Beck is that he is on Fox News and called Obama a racist. I don’t know the context, so have no argument one way or the other. I watched a rant that he produced in regard to the Fort Hood shootings. Regardless of what you think of the guy, I recommend watching this. He’s a little dramatic, but his points are well made. It’s approx 16 minutes long and at times, the dubbing is a little off. Comments?

The One Thing: 11/11.

8-10-09= Good Day

August 11, 2009

In the order of their occurance:

1. Benjamin Baxter James born to Scott and Jaime James at 12:44pm in Birmingham, AL. Their blog is off to the right

2. Christina Wells and Andrus Ashoo are engaged, maybe 3pm ish. Congrats to them.

3. Amanda Mixon and Brad Knight are engaged, 7:30pm ish. Congrats also go out.

Can’t think of a bigger day in recent memory! Don’t have many more details at this point, but just enjoying the moment for all of them.


June 3, 2009

So, I have not had a chance to update this in a while. Recent things that I have desired to discuss include:

1. Why we spent $60 going to see Star Trek

2. Parker is walking

3. Avery took swimming lessons

4. I like Cherry Coke

5. So You Think You Can Dance is on

If any of those topics sound interesting, please let me know and I’ll gladly expound upon them. Thanks.

Prom 2009

May 8, 2009

Wanted to share this clip of what’s happening for our patients. I tried to imbed the clip but couldn’t for whatever reason. Hope you enjoy!

Our New Nephew Has Arrived!!

January 26, 2009

With much excitement, we announce the birth of our 2nd nephew, Andrew Thomas Bailey, born to Rebecca and Chad this afternoon!! Weighing in at 6 lbs 15 oz and 20 1/2 inches long, he his healthy as is the mother and we are all eager to visit them.  Pictures have not been published yet, but will be once we have them.  Hannah and Samuel, the proud siblings, are at their home with Grandmommie and are eagerly awaiting the homecoming of their new baby brother.  “Hannah-angel” continues to be the reigning queen of the cousins – no girls besides her yet!  She will be the perfect sister-mother for Andrew and will be most helpful around the house and always eager to hold him!  I am certain that Samuel will swell with pride at the thought of being the big brother and will be an excellent play buddy in the years to come.  God’s blessings can be hard to see sometimes, but in this case, I can see easily that God is pleased with the Bailey family, their dedication to the Lord to bring up His children in the knowledge and fear of Him, and I pray He will continue to bless them richly.  May each of these children never know a day without Jesus, their wonderful, loving, powerful Savior.  Blessings on you, little Andrew, and praise be to God!! 

Now, pass the baby off to the newborn nursery and sleep, Becca, sleep…zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

In Perspective

January 9, 2009

Congrats to the Gators for the National Championship. It’s just a shame that they weren’t good enough to beat Ole Miss. .. Go Rebs