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November 4, 2015

Riding the blue line from O’hare to downtown Chicago for a work conference. Full disclosure: I’m writing this on my phone. I look up and down the line of fellow travelers and only about half a dozen are talking with their neighbors. The other 95% are glued to screens. It would probably be fair to say that most of those 95% are traveling by themselves, as I am, and thus aren’t interested in striking up a conversation with the person sharing a barely-upholstered plastic seat, but the overall impression is one of isolation in the midst of a crowd. 

I really wish Jen were here so that I could have her to talk to instead of pecking away at this phone. Planning on a lakefront trail run tonight whenever I finally make it to my hotel. Unseasonably warm for November in Chicago.  



Long time, no see

November 3, 2015

it has been a foggy few days, waiting for the clouds to part can sometimes be a bit tiring. Today is Tuesday and my co-workers tell me that it is also a Tutu Tuesday. So, here I am at work with a Tutu on. Really not as bad as it sounds. Feels and functions more like a tool belt.

Maybe I’ll be more “active” here, maybe not. That remains to be seen. I have been off facebook now for probably around 6 months, and I don’t really miss it at all, especially during election season. image