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Can I go home now?

November 30, 2007

It’s Friday, and the end of the month. As a resident, we wrap up our current rotation and move along to the next “learning opportunity.” I tend to struggle with being ready to move on and lose some interest in my current tasks. I read a convicting book last year “Business for the Glory of God” by Wayne Grudem. I know that the work I have before me is fundamentally good; My attitude should be one of gratitude. I know that I should take pride in my work and do it well. Just another struggle with what I know I should do and what I actually do.


Sign of the Apocalypse

November 30, 2007

Today’s evidence that the end is near.

Hot off the press…

November 30, 2007

Ole Miss has hired former Arkansas head coach Houston Nutt as the new head of Rebel Football. I have always enjoyed the energy and tenacity that he brought to the sidelines and hope that we see the same in Oxford. I have heard that he has had some off-the-field issues, lax discipline, etc. BUT, he is a proven winner and right now, that’s what the Rebels need.

 **I wrote this about 2 days ago and somehow it was never “published.” Needless to say, he has signed a contract. The presses are cooled by now.**

All I want for Christmas…

November 28, 2007

A press conference is scheduled for 2:15 today to unveil plans for a new waterfront stadium for the Rays. Although I had hoped they would pick a site in Tampa, this is a much needed change. A shame I won’t be here for it.


November 26, 2007

Hello. It has been almost a week since my last entry. Thanksgiving took us to Panama City, FL and I was thankfully detached from my computer for 4 days (and I didn’t feel like blogging on my step-father’s iPhone). I don’t really have much to write tonight, but I’ll tell you what we did this afternoon. In an attempt to keep up with my neighbors, and to convince myself that it is the advent season (despite the 80-degree temps), I hung our Christmas lights outside. We are proud to have the tallest palm tree in the complex and for the 3rd year in a row, have wrapped it with the big, old-timey lights. Jen went down to Jen Reed’s house to sparkle-ize some candles. We watched the Amazing Race. That’s about it. Maybe more tomorrow.

Changing Lanes

November 20, 2007

I drive to work in the dark and have become accustomed to construction. Approximately every 3 to 4 months, the traffic pattern drastically changes along the southbound Veteran’s Highway. For once, the traffic is better! There is much less bobbing and weaving through hairpin turns. I just felt like sharing something positive about Tampa traffic, it is almost Thanksgiving. If only we could wake-up from the Veteran’s northbound nightmare…

Av’s blogging up the blog

November 20, 2007

Just thought I’d mention that my husband has (clearly) taken off with this blogging thing…I can hardly keep up to read all the entries much less contribute some of my own. He came home the other day with a smile and wagging finger saying “You need to blog!”  So, I did – see previous post – after attempting about 4 times to log in to the site and being denied b/c I couldn’t think of our username!  Oops. Guess I should log on a bit more often! Happy Thanksgiving to all!  Enjoy the cranberry sauce and pecan pies – they’re my favorite!!

the pregnant spectrum

November 20, 2007

Ok – so, I was with our son at the park yesterday and I spotted another pregnant lady there with her 3 kids.  Normally, you just strike up a conversation with the other, generally of consisting of “when are you due?  Oh, great! I’m due in blah blah blah..”  Formality.  Anyhoo, I decided that this was probably not one I wanted to even begin to engage a conversation in from the get go. One word: agenda.  A few strikes against her: 

1) son had a horribly nasty runny nose that was just waiting to jump on every other kid in the park

2) Clearly proud of the huge belly showing (no, it was more than just “peeking”) below her shirt…complete with long purple stretch marks…plus she was due in like 5 hours from what it looked like!

3)her shirt…this is what it said “Epidural?  Shmepidural!!!”

Nope – not touching this earth mama with a 10 foot pole. I’m all for trying to deliver naturally, but I’m not going to flaunt it and make people feel inferior due to their delivery decisions.

Just thought it was curious and a bit humorous.

The triumph song of life

November 19, 2007

Henry J. van Dyke, an American preacher and scholar, wrote the lyrics to Joyful, Joyful We Adore Thee in 1907 (fittingly 100 years ago). Yesterday, our worship team lead us through the song and two things jumped out at me. We have been studying Isaiah in our small group and are discussing Isaiah 5&6 tonight. Contained in those chapters is Isaiah’s vision of God in all His majesty and glory, surrounded by cherubim singing “Holy, holy, holy is the Lord of hosts; the whole earth is full of His glory!” It has been pointed out to me that the Hebrew language has a lack of punctuation marks, especially an equivalent to the exclamation point. The writers, being inspired by God, would frequently use repetition of words for emphasis. God isn’t merely Holy, or Holy x2. He is Holy, Holy, Holy. Incidentally (yet probably intentionally), three is the number of the Trinity. The word holy can be used in many ways, and I often hear it defined as set apart. That God is so very pure, high, and set apart from us can be scary and intimidating if we leave it there and fail to realize that He is a personal, relational God. I think that is why Mr. van Dyke didn’t stop at Joyful, he kicked it up to Joyful, Joyful.

This is the week of thanksgiving and we are called to respond to our God. We are to reflect (and not just glaze over) what he has done in our lives. I think that is where this Joyful, joyful attitude comes from. The most moving piece of the song (to me) is that he pictures God as the “Center of unbroken praise.” The image this invokes is one of completeness, fullness, and reverence. That God is so worthy that He receives unbroken praise, not the sorry excuse that I offer up. That when we leave church on Sunday, praise of Him continues. I pray that this Thanksgiving we can enter into this praise joyfully, humbly, expectantly, and triumphantly.

I want to give a word of encouragement to our worship team at WestTown for the beautiful gift of music they shared with us yesterday (in no particular order: Joe, Billy, Josh, Jen, Meagan, Chris, Paul, Frank, and always Drew). In my view, this was one of the best musical offerings we’ve experienced. Thank you for all the hard work and time you put into the service each week!

Any takers?

November 16, 2007

I’m a HUGE dork, this is public knowledge. I was scanning the news today and came across this story. For those who don’t care to read it, there’s a large comet in our solar system that now has a larger diameter than the sun (lots of dust and gas, not Deep Impact huge). It’s supposably (Enter Joey: “Supposably? Did they go to the Zoo? Supposably.”) visible to the naked eye in the Northeast horizon. If anyone has a telescope, let me know and we can be dorks together. I’ll bring the Hot Chocolate.