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I’m at a loss

October 30, 2007

Picture this: At the Subway in the food court, trying to decide which lovely creation the sandwich artists can prepare for me. There’s a tall, thin, attractive young lady in front of me who seems to have been studying the menu for a few minutes. The conversation was as follows:

Customer: What comes on a Subway Club?

Sandwich Artist: Ham, Turkey, and Roast Beef.

Customer: Can I get it with Turkey only?

Sandwich Artist: A Club with Turkey only?

Customer: Yes

Sandwich Artist (shaking her head): sure

 Still, after having typed this out, I’m at a loss.


No more monkeys jumping in the crib!

October 30, 2007

Well, he finally did it.  Naptime today proved to be quite uneventful as far as sleep goes, but Avery, jr has succeeded in jumping/climbing/falling clear out of the crib!  I heard him jumping and this is nothing new – loves doing it – but this time I heard a great big THUNK and then some pathetic crying. I had cracked the door to check on him periodically, and the next thing I heard was him coming out of his room, looking for me in our bedroom.  I ran upstairs and picked him up. This is what he says, “FALL!”  I told him, yes, I know you fell!  That’s why you can’t jump in the bed, Avery. All he kept saying was “fall,fall, fall!”  We walked back in his room and he pointed at the crib and said “fall!”  So, we read One Fish, Two Fish, Red Fish, Blue Fish, then he was calmer…he actually let me sing him to sleep.  We’ll just keep a running tally of how many times this happens, b/c he simply can not be in a toddler bed yet – he’d NEVER stay in it!! 🙂 

“You’re sick, we’re quick”

October 26, 2007

I just got this link from our manager today – it was a brief interview on Good Day Tampa Bay this morning.  Makes us sound legit with this bit of air time! I thought it was pretty neat to be a part of this kick-off in the Tampa area.  I am enjoying what I do and the amount of time I do it!  About once a month on weekends. I tried to link it up above, but in case it’s not working…I’ll try to paste it here.  I’m not so good at this yet!


October 24, 2007

I woke up at 4:15 am today to the sound of Avery jr. crying. A thunderstorm blew through and rattled the windows, but he was also sopping wet (I think he drank a gallon of water while playing with the hose). In the midst of the storm, I noticed the windows rattled with every thunder clap and wished for a well-built home of my own. But the more I kept thinking about that solid house, the more I kept thinking that I’m just a pilgrim on this earth. It’s was an interesting dichotomy that I turned over for a while, lying listening to the rain. The desire for safety and stability in the midst of the storm and the yearning for that physically here and now vs. the knowledge of a rest, a home in heaven. It’s an incomplete thought at this point, but it made me think…

Vocab of a Toddler

October 21, 2007

So, I’m sitting here in my little walk-in clinic in the CVS pharmacy store, MinuteClinic, on a Sunday morning.  Just gave a guy the flu shot – get yours!!  You can take a look at the website – they’re all over the country:  anyway, Av, jr. has been talking it up the past few weeks and it is getting fun to hear what all he is saying. A lot of it we don’t understand yet, but he is definitely the parrot now! A few of my favorite vocab words I don’t want to forget are:

fa fa – this is applesauce for some reason. don’t ask why!

kuck – this is truck!  Pretty good right now and we’re glad he’s not saying the common alternative to truck!

fee! -Said with enthusiasm, this is either fan or fish

nuuckk – it’s hard to describe this one. He’s saying milk, but it is the most nasal, back in your throat sound.  Try it…hold your nose and then say nuukk in the very back of your throat. Good job – anyone looking at you funny now? 🙂

choo-choos – cheerios!

wa-wa – water, of course

pah-lee – potty?

CA-co-cols:  Popcicles, one of his favorite snacks

pun-kee – pumpkin

Way-wee – This is how he says his name! 🙂

He has a few favorite phrases where he’s imitated the vowel sounds well, just the consonants are all over the place.  LOVES singing “Appy Dirday do you!”, “wat did oo dooooo?”, “lay-lay” – this is “see you later”. 

Just a few things for me to remember as he grows up so fast…I’m afraid I’m going to forget all this!  I’m eager to see him be a big brother.  We haven’t talked about it much, but there IS another baby coming in like 3 months…omigosh!  This one is about as rolly-polly in utero as Av, jr was…what does this mean?!  Avery can tell you where the baby is, and if you tell him to say hey to it, he’ll come over, pull up my shirt to uncover my belly, and give me a huge raspbery, aka “Zerbert” for all you Cosby fans!  It’s hilarious!  Makes me laugh and that makes him laugh even more. It’s a great game.

Saturday Morning

October 20, 2007

It’s been an interesting Saturday. Made some chocolate-chip pancakes for the wife and kid (pretty tasty) and kissed Jen bye-bye as she headed off to work. Noticed that our Pilot has been “egged.” Not only is throwing eggs at cars just stupid, it’s a needless waste of poultry. I’ve never thought of it until now, but I’ve never really classified scrambled eggs. Never, to me, have they been poultry, only a member the nebulous category of Breakfast Foods. But I digress, so after washing the egg off, the guys headed off to the park and the mall. One more example of why I hate cell phones. This guy was having an argument on the phone and was waving his hands around dramatically to add emphasis to his side of the story. He looked ridiculous.

Avery loves the kiddie car rides in the mall, you know you put a quarter in and it moves back and forth, and only now it costs $0.75! I don’t spend any $ making them move, and he never seems to know the difference. So he likes to climb in and out of the 3 cars there and push the buttons and “steer.” After 35 minutes of going back and forth between the cars, we had a free chick-fil-a lunch (awesome coupon). We retired to the house for a nap. Nothing much else to report, but stay tuned…


October 17, 2007

Two things:

1. What do residents of Mongolia call Mongolian spots? Just spots? Our spots?

2. Ricky Martin got a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame


Hospital Bed

October 14, 2007

I was making rounds in the hospital today. There are frequently beds and cribs in the hallway next to the service elevators for a number of reasons. The sign caught my eye. “Broken and Dirty.” While conveying the gist of why the bed was left there, I found it was a concise picture of who we are before God. Too often we forget that simple truth and pat ourselves on the back and let pride creep in. I am reminded that it is not the well that need a doctor, but the sick. While I’m not really volunteering to wear a sign around my neck that says “Broken and Dirty,” I need that perspective in my relationship with God. He is gracious and He works in mysterious ways…


October 11, 2007

I was volunteered to go to a meeting this morning at 0700. Our chief resident is out of town, so here we are. Those present at the meeting included the chief residents from internal medicine, surgery, neurosurgery, neurology, ER, etc… Avery observed that breakfast was much better for the chief residents than for the peons (they even had fresh fruit and real mugs). My favorite part was watching the surgeon drink 2 cans of Red Bull. The meeting itself was uneventful save for the end when the Senior Vice-President for some hospital function handed out $5 Starbucks cards. All-in-all, a sucessful day.


October 8, 2007

I try not be too political, as I feel that no one really cares what my views are. I received an article via e-mail today from my father-in-law and will share it here. (I really know nothing about Ann Coulter).