The One Thing: 11/11

All I know about Glenn Beck is that he is on Fox News and called Obama a racist. I don’t know the context, so have no argument one way or the other. I watched a rant that he produced in regard to the Fort Hood shootings. Regardless of what you think of the guy, I recommend watching this. He’s a little dramatic, but his points are well made. It’s approx 16 minutes long and at times, the dubbing is a little off. Comments?

The One Thing: 11/11.


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One Response to “The One Thing: 11/11”

  1. Rebecca Says:

    Only watched a bit of his segment, which he called, Re-founding of America. He pitted some of the framers of the constitution and their quotes against today’s Nancy Pelosi, Obama, etc. He was pretty right on and I agree w/ the dramatic bit. When I get a chance i’ll listen to your one thing bit.

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