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Parker is one today

January 30, 2009


Happy Birthday, little buddy! Hard to believe you are a year old. Your brother and I sang “Happy Birthday” to you at 10:36 am  – exactly when you were born last January 30th!  Sorry your day has been a little preoccupied with “Bubba” but you were a trooper to skip your nap and come with us to the doctor’s office.  You were also very supportive of Av while he got his very first penicillin shot for his very first bout of strep throat. You laid back in the stroller and sucked your thumb and held your lovie!  We’ve had a good case of almost everyone in the house getting sick this past week and haven’t really had a chance to celebrate your first year of life, but rest assured, Pumpkin, we will next weekend!   For now, rest and catch up on sleep lost. Dream about getting to taste your first french fry and milkshake for lunch on your birthday and when you wake up, there will be a balloon for you to play with!!! Oh, boy!  Or as you say, “Whoa!”  I love you little one and am so glad you are a part of our family.  God bless you on this special day.  May this next year be filled with new discoveries and many laughs alongside your brother.  Your family loves you!1-year


Our New Nephew Has Arrived!!

January 26, 2009

With much excitement, we announce the birth of our 2nd nephew, Andrew Thomas Bailey, born to Rebecca and Chad this afternoon!! Weighing in at 6 lbs 15 oz and 20 1/2 inches long, he his healthy as is the mother and we are all eager to visit them.  Pictures have not been published yet, but will be once we have them.  Hannah and Samuel, the proud siblings, are at their home with Grandmommie and are eagerly awaiting the homecoming of their new baby brother.  “Hannah-angel” continues to be the reigning queen of the cousins – no girls besides her yet!  She will be the perfect sister-mother for Andrew and will be most helpful around the house and always eager to hold him!  I am certain that Samuel will swell with pride at the thought of being the big brother and will be an excellent play buddy in the years to come.  God’s blessings can be hard to see sometimes, but in this case, I can see easily that God is pleased with the Bailey family, their dedication to the Lord to bring up His children in the knowledge and fear of Him, and I pray He will continue to bless them richly.  May each of these children never know a day without Jesus, their wonderful, loving, powerful Savior.  Blessings on you, little Andrew, and praise be to God!! 

Now, pass the baby off to the newborn nursery and sleep, Becca, sleep…zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

Sick Baby

January 26, 2009

We don’t do sickness in this family. The Mixons stay generally healthy. Not this weekend, Parker started with a fever Thursday and it didn’t break until this afternoon. Highest we measured was 103.4 and that’s high enough for me.  We thought he was teething, but not with a fever that high!  I know it’s kinda cruel, but I took some pics of him in his misery.  Not to neglect the elder, an awesome hair-picture of Av, jr is below as well. 


Coldplay and Buena Vista Social Club

January 22, 2009

Ever heard the two together?  I didn’t until this morning at the YMCA and I really liked it. I’m not real savvy with web searches for these kinds of things, but I did find it on youtube, so I’ll try to put it on here.  The one we were listening to this morning was just instrumental and I liked it a lot, but can’t find it.  Y’all can help me if you want!  I’m wondering how long it will take my husband to see this on the blog…and if he’ll like it or not. He’s a big fan of both musical groups and I’ve never heard him mention them playing together before, so I’d be TOTALLY PUMPED if I found something before he did!   Enjoy –

Bonfire and Snow

January 20, 2009

So, thought I’d tell you about this past weekend and the events we haven’t been able to do for 3 years in Florida.  Saturday, it was a balmy 28 degrees with frozen ground and iced-up water hoses. We decided that instead of making a huge eyesore of a brush heap in our front yard for the Nashville Department of Metro Works to come by and pick up in another 3 months (seriously) we opted for a bonfire in our backyard. It was quite fun. The boys enjoyed it, and to keep it legal, we roasted hot dogs over it for lunch!! 

    Yeah, one of our neighbors said that as long as we could justify the fire for eating purposes or the like, we were fine to have a fire.  Not that anyone would notice or care in our dead end of a dead end street in our subdivision. So, Avery pulled out the now useless bottle of lighter fluid (we have a gas grill now) and Jen watched a bit nervously as he poured it on the logs.  I think I remember telling him, “Not to much, babe, please” and he said, “Sure thing”.  After I said that, I watched for another 30 seconds or so as he emptied the bottle of lighter fluid completely onto the pile.  Great. Now we’ll have a scorched lawn for the spring!  I decided I’d go and get the garden hose just in case. Well, the garden hose was frozen solid and even the spigot it was attached to was frozen solid. I just said a quick prayer that we just wouldn’t need water and went back to watch.  Thankfully everything was fine. The dogs were good, and the logs are all taken care of!   bonfire1

Sunday was lazy and wonderful. No events. lots of naps and good books.

Monday morning we awoke to snow! It was the first snow that actually accumulated at all since we’ve been here, so that means this was the first snow Av, jr and Parker have ever seen.  It wasn’t more than 1/4 inch, but it was something and we got out and experienced it!  Av wanted to eat the snow…had to be careful where he got it!  He also had learned all about snow in playschool the week before, so he felt educated in the ways of snow. He asked for a snowman, which I was able to make…all 3 inches of it!  He asked for a snowball, which we made  about 6 – he picked up the first one and said, “I’m gonna throw it at you mommy?”  So a small snowball fight happened.  Parker was chatting with the snowflakes, which he thought were pretty cool. It was the first time outside he didn’t try to take off his mittens and hat, and he was enjoying the snow, I believe.  We came back inside for a change into dry clothes, had some hot cocoa and took good naps. It was a great day. The worst part was that Avery was not home to enjoy it. Stupid work!

Calm amidst the storm

January 13, 2009

Today is not particularly stressful, but it is nice to find a bit of calm. I am sitting in the NICU typing out a consult and in my focused state, I missed a young lady roll in with her harp. So, in the midst of the chaos that is an intensive care unit, I am treated to a soothing medley of live classical music. I can feel the stress melting away. It reminds me a little of the scene from Titanic where the band plays on in the face of certain doom. That movie otherwise made me nauseated.

In Perspective

January 9, 2009

Congrats to the Gators for the National Championship. It’s just a shame that they weren’t good enough to beat Ole Miss. .. Go Rebs

Christmas in Review

January 6, 2009


Christmas morning began at 7:15, not too bad. We had set up everything the night before and settled in for a late night viewing of The Lion, The Witch, and The Wardrobe. Avery didn’t run in quite as fast as I expected him to, but once he saw the train table, that was all she wrote. He probably made 500 laps around the table pushing Thomas the Tank Engine over bridges and through the tunnel. He very politely said “no thank you” to opening more presents in favor of playing with his trains. Parker racked up with a sock monkey, a few cars, and some blocks.

Jen made some killer cinnamon rolls. After all the presents were opened and the paper collected, nap-time ensued. Dinner was awesome (Ham, Corn souffle, sausage and rice casserole, yeast rolls, roasted asparagus, green salad, and some pretty bad sweet tea). I remember this dinner fondly as these weeks have passed, especially as we’re still working on the ham.

I thought this post was really going to be a lot better than this, but I let too much time lapse from when I started until now. In the meantime, Ole Miss beat up on Texas Tech in the Cotton Bowl. This was cause for much rejoicing in the Mixon household. Of note, preparations are underway for 3 birthdays in a 3 week time span, more later.