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Drinking From the Fire Hydrant

June 30, 2008

Ever get that feeling that you’re just going to “freshen up” under Niagra Falls, roast weenies next to the space shuttle, or take care of that fly with a hand grenade? Sorry I haven’t been so good about replying to comments or posting as much as I’d like. Get a load of this: when I’m on call, I will be taking calls from the Hematology/Oncology service, the Bone Marrow Transplant service, the ER, outside physicians, in-house consults, and families of existing patients that might have questions. Anyone else want to throw their name in the pot? Might as well have a mysterious red phone in the room that connects me to the Kremlin.

All that to say, I’m feeling a bit overwhelmed. On a good note, was able to go to Oxford over the weekend and see my dad. he is in good spirits and it was really good to spend some time with him. I must claim some success as he has now watched the first 3 seasons of Battlestar Galactica and has season 4 in his netflix queue whenever that might be released (aka not anytime soon). Have received a number of updates from Traveler, our north-bound Appalachian trail thru-hiker and will post these soon as well.

Later,   Avery


Baby Steps

June 26, 2008

We finally got cable and internet set up today. Yesterday’s triumph was the bug guy coming by. It’s slowly coming together. We’ve made a breakthrough. We were going to paint the outside of the house, but have realized that we should probably take care of the inside first. This might seem obvious, but consider the source. So, the kitchen is crap. Jen lives in the kitchen. Therefore, Jen is in Crap-land. I wish you could see how horrendous the kitchen is, but the camera refuses to function in the bermuda triangle that is our kitchen. The cabinets are cheap, crooked, backwards, and don’t match anything. For what it’s worth, nothing in the kitchen goes with anything else. Then, the kitchen walls are wood paneling. seriously? Shouldn’t this stuff be on a list with Agent Orange, New Coke, and Cher albums as things never-to-be-used-under-any-circumstances? Well, change must occur before steam pours forth from my wife’s ears. Possibilities include new cabinets, new flooring, and new walls. Probably will do 2 out of 3. I am in the library and it’s probably against the by-laws to be able to watch a youtube clip out loud, so will have to imbed one without actually hearing the audio. In going with the theme of baby steps, what else could I add?

The Money Pit

June 25, 2008

Hope you enjoy, just think of us…

I pretty much am in the same phase that Tom Hanks is in at the end of the clip.

We’re Alive

June 24, 2008

Still waiting for the Comcast guy to come by and hook up the cable and internet. House is requiring a lot of work and li’l A has the runs. We’re a little overwhelmed right now and would appreciate any prayers or calls. Our cell phone numbers haven’t changed yet, but we’ll let you know when they do. Will post more as soon as possible.


Goodbye Tampa, We’ll miss you

June 19, 2008

How do you write this post? let’s start easy and just talk numbers. We (just the two of us) moved to Tampa in 2005. Shortly thereafter, we found out that Jen was pregnant. When we started going to WestTown Presbyterian Church, there were approx 10-12 of us. The numbers now are a bit different. The Mixons are now 4 strong, and WestTown is averaging over 100 people/week. Of course, nobody pulls out the tally board when reminiscing. You pull out the photo album and remember the people. Although I cannot remember living in my house before Avery was born, I do remember going to the beach with Jen and not carrying 3 loads of stuff with us. I remember feeling guilty dropping Avery off with Lou, but also very relieved that he was being well-loved there. It’s a shame that he won’t remember that.

Moving the church from the Taylors’ house to the YMCA to Mary Bryant Elementary school has been a slow process, but I prefer that. The gradual progression, while probably frustrating to Frank, has been slow enough where we really feel as if we know the whole church. Don’t worry Frank, the church is doing great. We also benefitted from another set of friends moving to the area. Sam and Emily Hutton, whose blog is included in the links. I knew Sam from our Alpine Camp days. We didn’t get to see them as often as we’d like, but that time was special.

I could write an entire post on Josh and Jen Reed and what they have meant to us. We met them right around Avery’s 1st birthday and quickly found that they were moving about 15 doors down from us. The first meal Jen made for them wasn’t all that great, but thankfully, that didn’t turn them off. Everybody has friends that you keep regardless of time or distance and the Reeds are those kind of friends. Countless nights of doing nothing, watching Battlestar Galactica (we didn’t force them to watch it, it’s just that good), eating countless meals, taking trips, you name it. Josh was even the one that got me, and to a lesser extent Jen, into blogging. It’s hard to find a good friend.

Thankfully, we were able to be heavily involved in a small group through WestTown and know that we will miss you too Shawn and Melissa White and their children Linnea and Soren, Paul and Adrianne van Ost and their daughter Savannah, Kevin and Karla Hickinbotham and their girls Kacey, Allie, and Abby, and last but definitely not least Kenzo and Janie Koike (no kids yet, but Kenzo is nationally ranked in flying stunt kites). I’m sure Jen could list dozens of others, especially through the Tuesday morning playgroup she goes to. Look at all these reasons we have to come back to Tampa and visit. Jen and I have really been the first couple in our church to “leave” Tampa, so it’s hard, but surely the small group and church will continue to move separate ways as life-changes occur. As always, a song came to mind when I began to compose this post in my head. I’ll put the specific parts in bold below.

Ten Thousand Times
Ten Thousand

1. Ten thousand times ten thousand
In sparkling raiment bright,
The armies of the ransomed saints throng
Up the steep of light:
’Tis finished, all is finished,
Their fight with death and sin;
Fling open wide the golden gates,
And let the victors in.

2. What rush of alleluias
Fills all the earth and sky!
What ringing of a thousand harps
Bespeaks the triumph nigh!
O day, for which creation
And all its tribes were made;
O joy, for all its former woes
A thousandfold repaid!

3. O then what raptured greetings
On Canaan’s happy shore;
What knitting severed friendship
Up where partings are no more!
Then eyes with joy shall sparkle,
That brimmed with tears of late;

Orphans no longer fatherless,
Nor widows desolate.

4. Bring near Thy great salvation,
Thou Lamb for sinners slain;
Fill up the roll of Thine elect,
Then take Thy power, and reign;
Appear, Desire of nations,
Thine exiles long for home;
Show in the heaven Thy promised sign;
Thou Prince and Savior, come.

Not to think morbidly and this doesn’t really help in the short term, but our joy in Christ is that we will get to knit up those severed friendships. Not really sure how biblical that is, but I would like to think that we’ll know each other in Heaven.

Thanks to technology, I can delay this posting until we’re on the road. We’re probably somewhere on I-75 heading to Atlanta to spend the night with the Baileys. Soon we will be in Nashville and our house will be chaotic. We will settle in, and as hard as it is to think about, life will go on. Please come and visit us and we will try to do the same. We will really miss being so close to all of you and love you guys. For those of you with blogs, please keep blogging, we will try to do the same. We’ll post pictures when we can and hopefully I’ll figure out how to upload some video one of these days. The eyes are brimmed with tears, but next time we meet, they’ll sparkle with joy!

Much love,

Avery, Jennifer, Avery jr, and Parker


June 17, 2008

Got an e-mail yesterday telling me that the journal I submitted my article to will not be publishing it. I know it’s my first submission so I shouldn’t be too surprised, but a little disappointing, you know? Not to worry, I’ll try another journal. More info as it becomes available.

Falling Asleep

June 17, 2008

Everybody has been there, doesn’t make it any less funny. Setting the scene: Morning report is basically an hour-long meeting every morning (starting at 8:00) where we will discuss a patient who was admitted overnight. It’s usually an excellent learning experience and can be very helpful to the team taking care of the patient. So, nameless third year medical student is sitting at the table. Early into the hour, I notice that he’s starting to nod off. You know, the kind where your head bobs, and you catch it. You kind of open your eyes, but you’re nowhere near awake. I was just going to pull him aside afterwards and talk to him about it when WHAM! That’s right, he took the nestea plunge. Slammed his head on the table. Needless to say, that woke him up, and everyone who hadn’t noticed his drifting off was instantly aware. You really want to laugh, because let’s face it, it was hilarious. Don’t think I need to sit him down for a chat, lession learned. Will include a video of slick willie giving a demonstration.

Starting Early

June 13, 2008

Not much to write tonight. Maybe you’ll remember some pictures I posted a while back of Avery playing a guitar, and I wanted to include a few of Avery playing my trumpet. He likes all kinds of musical instruments, especially percussion and the harmonica. And before you ask, he’s not very good (yet).


June 11, 2008

Ever get that feeling?


June 11, 2008

I was talking to a friend this morning about old (not antique) cars. I was reminiscing about my 1995 Ford F-150 (manual tranny) and he had a similar year VW Jetta. There were talks of great gas mileage and he brought up a new term to me: Hypermiling. Generally stated, it’s the practice of getting ridiculous MPG out of your car. While this may not work for those Hummer drivers, I’m thinking that I can get on board with this. I obviously am taking the content for this from elsewhere. Check out these 2 sites if interested. The first has an interesting article on traffic.

 As an example, and without really implementing too many of the stratagems, I made it home yesterday at 38.3 MPG. This was mainly accomplished with slower acceleration and maintaining a lower top speed. This obviously is difficult to do in extremely congested traffic, but the concepts are interesting. The “going green” aspect remains a contributor, but mainly I’m just trying to save a buck, you know?

Update: Made it to work today at 41.3 MPG. (2000 VW Passat with 145K miles). I’m assuming that the on-board computer is correct, I should probably try to correlate this. Nevertheless, I’m getting 33% better fuel economy!