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Calvin and the Passover

April 21, 2011

Today is Maundy Thursday, when the Christian Church traditionally celebrates the Last Supper of Jesus and His disciples. The story of the passover is recorded in Exodus 12 and contains very graphic imagery. This was such a monumental event in the history of Israel that it became a tradition to observe this yearly. The passover meal has distinct, very symbolic language and actions, all of which hinge on the deliverance of Israel through the sacrifice of the passover lamb. Included in the meal are 4 cups of wine that are passed around, recounting promises made and fulfilled by God (Exodus 6:6-8): (1) “I will take you out of Egypt”, (2) “I will deliver you from Egyptian slavery”, (3) “I will redeem you with a demonstration of my power”, and (4) “I will acquire you as a nation”. A fifth cup is poured, but the wine is not consumed by those observing passover. This cup is reserved for the Messiah, the redemption of humanity. All passover info above came not from in depth study, but from a few internet searches. Please feel free to correct me if that is incorrect.

It is clear in the New Testament that Jesus came to be the ultimate passover lamb. If you need scripture proofs of this, please let know, but a serious review of the New Testament will prove this point. Prior to his arrest, in the Garden of Gethsemane, Jesus prays about the cup that is placed in front of Him. Taking this cup is symbolic in that it is his blood (wine) that will be shed, but it is also a metaphor for the path that was prepared for Him. (An additional, simple synopsis can be found here). So, how does this (probably not very good) synopsis of the Passover and Last supper relate to today’s Calvin and Hobbes? What did Christ accomplish on the cross? He bore the entirety of our sin past, present, and future and thus recieved the punishment for that sin. What that must have looked like is incomprehensable. Jesus took the thermos half -full of milk, jelly sandwich, and banana that is our sin and he didn’t just choke it down.

Hebrews 12:1-2

1Therefore, since we are surrounded by so great a cloud of witnesses, let us also lay aside every weight, and sin which clings so closely, and let us run with endurance the race that is set before us, 2looking to Jesus, the founder and perfecter of our faith, who for the joy that was set before him endured the cross, despising the shame, and is seated at the right hand of the throne of God.

I don’t know why Susie continues to sit next to Calvin at lunch, but she rightly leaves at this point. Funny what Calvin notes: “Nobody likes my great ideas in action.” I bet there were a few times in the ministry of Christ when He could have said the same thing…


Birthday Photos (at last)

February 25, 2010

Things to note:

1. Jen made and decorated the cake and cupcakes

2. Avery’s new bike says “Major Damage” on it. We thought that was appropriate.

Ski Trip (Part two)

January 29, 2010

We had a restless night on Wednesday due to howling wind outside and noisy neighbors overhead. We were concerned that the wind would ruin our day. Avery’s ski school is located at the absolute most windy spot on the top of the mountain. Our fear is that he would become a human kite and blow off the mountain. Thankfully, there was another affiliated ski school a little further down the mountain and thus somewhat protected from the high winds at the top. We never knew the cause, but the power went out on top of the mountain that morning as well causing the ski lifts to be useless elevated chairs. One ski patrol chap speculated that some of the locals might have been shooting at the power line insulators proving that rednecks exist in every corner of the world.

The only open lifts (and thus the only open slopes) were “down the hill” at the Silver Creek ski area. This area is much smaller and became more crowded quickly, but at least we were able to ski. Avery had a positive ski school report on his ability to make turns and was much more steady on his feet, however he tired quickly. He himself admitted that he refused to make his “Pizza Wedge” (the ubiquitous snowplow) at the end of the lesson because he was tired. The morning cleared nicely and during nap time, Jen was able to ski solo. Thankfully, power was restored and the rest of the mountain was open. Hopefully she’ll comment on her alone ski time.

After an excellent nap time, we had our third and final trip to the indoor pool and dinner out at “The Junction.” Apparently, potato prices are at an all-time low as we were served around 4 pounds of french fries as the side dishes.

This morning, we left out at about 10:30 and had a nice trip. I really wanted to drive all the way home today, but by the time we made it to Bristol, there was already 2 inches of snow in Nashville with more on the way. We’re camped out again in Johnson City, TN with no real idea of when we’ll make it home. We stopped at Hardee’s on the way home as we were getting tired of Arby’s. It had been at least 10 years since I had stepped foot in a Hardees. Growing up in Oxford, we had possibly the world’s nastiest, dirtiest, grossest, funkiest Hardees ever. In the 10+ years since then, Hardees has really improved. Their burgers and fries were really pretty good and I’d recommend a visit to those who have had similar experiences as I had in the past. (Again, can I get paid for some advertising?? Maybe if >3 people ever visited this site…)

Happy Labor Day (and Halloween too)!

November 12, 2009

Yeah, I know, it’s a little late. The Baileys and the Wells came in town and we had a picnic. Also included is a few shots from the mountain house vacation and Halloween. I didn’t take the time to arrange them in the proper chronologic order. Things to note:

1. Avery (jr) is a slip-and-slide maniac.

2. Ghost costumes are cheap.

3. Watermelon is tasty.

4. No birthday party is complete without an inflatable monkey.

8-11-09= Not quite so good (bonus goodies at the end)

August 11, 2009

Avery (Jr.) had a banner day in the misbehaving category. His random devious acts consisted of the following:

1. Bold-face lie about going potty when we could see that it was bone dry.

2. Throwing his sippy cup point blank into Parker’s calvarium.

3. Peeing on Parker’s head on purpose during bath time.

Needless to say, not his best day. We asked God to forgive us at bedtime and hope that tomorrow brings a slightly more obedient little boy. The bonus goody I speak of is another flavor of Publix premium ice cream: “It’s Your Birthday Cake.” As described on the box: “Premium birthday cake ice cream with blue, orange and green frosted cookie pieces and swirled with ribbons of blue cake frosting.”  Diabetes 1, Diet 0. Oh well, this stuff is REALLY good and highly recommended. Jen is currently hearing Christina’s engagement story, hope to have some updates on that soon.

Suddenly Sunday (with Pixar Undies!)

June 28, 2009

Sunday evening at the end of a weekend on call. Highlights of today include sitting with my wife on the couch eating Orange Sherbet. Man, that stuff is good. I have always considered Mint Chocolate Chip to be the flavor of summer, but am beginning to reconsider  sherbet (either lime or orange) as a worthy rival. We got Parker a swing off of Craigslist for $12. I’ll politely ask Jen to post some pictures of the joy that will ensue.

In Tampa (obviously) and even here in Nashville, there are Wal-Mart stores that have a hispanic clientele and are thus more Spanish-friendly. That has nothing to do with the purchases we made, but hopefully it helps paint a picture. We went to the little boy’s underwear aisle where we let li’l A pick out a new pack of underpants. Not old enough for Transformers and frankly he doesn’t know anything about them. The Sesame Street undies were too expensive. Jen didn’t like the Cars set, so it came down to Thomas and Pixar. He already has the Thomas and Friends 4-pack, so we got the Pixar undies 7-pack including: Lightning McQueen x2, Buzz Lightyear x2, Wall-E, Mr. Incredible with Dash (perfect for racing stripes), and Nemo.  These are not available on, but I cannot imagine that you’d really be interested in seeing the packaging (pun intended).

To get back to the topic of a previous post, Jen and I spent $60 going to see Star Trek a few weeks ago. It breaks down as follows: $16 tickets, $35 babysitter, $4 movie food. Okay, maybe that’s $55, but it seemed like $60. Maybe we payed the babysitter more. The point is, it is hard for us to get out and see movies these days. thankfully it was an enjoyable experience for both of us. I always remember my dad taking me to see Star Trek movies on the big screen. I knew that this movie was in production prior to his passing away and would have driven down to Oxford to watch it with him.

Of note, tonight is call # 107 out of 108 total for this academic year. Below is a happy neutrophil.


Christmas in Review

January 6, 2009


Christmas morning began at 7:15, not too bad. We had set up everything the night before and settled in for a late night viewing of The Lion, The Witch, and The Wardrobe. Avery didn’t run in quite as fast as I expected him to, but once he saw the train table, that was all she wrote. He probably made 500 laps around the table pushing Thomas the Tank Engine over bridges and through the tunnel. He very politely said “no thank you” to opening more presents in favor of playing with his trains. Parker racked up with a sock monkey, a few cars, and some blocks.

Jen made some killer cinnamon rolls. After all the presents were opened and the paper collected, nap-time ensued. Dinner was awesome (Ham, Corn souffle, sausage and rice casserole, yeast rolls, roasted asparagus, green salad, and some pretty bad sweet tea). I remember this dinner fondly as these weeks have passed, especially as we’re still working on the ham.

I thought this post was really going to be a lot better than this, but I let too much time lapse from when I started until now. In the meantime, Ole Miss beat up on Texas Tech in the Cotton Bowl. This was cause for much rejoicing in the Mixon household. Of note, preparations are underway for 3 birthdays in a 3 week time span, more later.

It’s The Most Wonderful Time Of The Year

December 16, 2008

Krispy Kreme Doughnuts may have been doing this for years, what do I know? They have a “holiday combo” as shown below:


I haven’t tried the Snowman, the sprinkles, or the red one, but the white/green doughnut is killer. The icing has a strong mint flavor that reminds me vividly of none other than:


Yes, Dr. Bronner’s Peppermint Pure Casteel Soap. For reasons that I won’t go into here, I have tasted the soap and it is horrendous. So I’m not comparing flavors, but the strong smell of the soap is comparable to the icing. Please take this as a recommendation to try a lovely Christmas doughnut, but you don’t have to take my word for it (Ba Dump Bump).

Wrong for many reasons

November 13, 2008

We passed by the Hermitage Hills Baptist Church, just down the road from us. They have one of those fancy electronic signs out front that allows them to convey a lot more information than the average church. Not so sure that this is a good thing. They were advertising a “Hamburger Eating Contest.” Now it is entirely possible that I missed the preceeding or following screen that gave more information as to why, but even so, isn’t gluttony one of the seven deadly sins? According to wikipedia (the modern day authority on most every thing out there), “The modern concept of the Seven Deadly Sins is linked to the works of the 4th century monk Evagrius Ponticus.” Obviously this concept isn’t laid out in the scriptures, but something that I chuckled about on my way home the other day. I can’t wait to see them host a couch potato marathon, while watching Se7en.

Thursday Night post

October 2, 2008

1. Flu shot didn’t leave me all that achy.

2. Got off work early today and was able to watch the Rays win game 1.

3. The weather lately has been awesome.

I realize that this post is pretty lame and just felt the need to get something up. Is that the point of blogging? Do I necessarily have to convey something important or challenge the readers? Well, if that was what you were looking for, sorry.

As I’m in the middle of composing this stream-of-consciousness post, I realize that I meant to follow-up on a previous post. I commented a couple of weeks back on Communion and the elements. One thing I forgot to mention was the wine (50% of the “meal”). The vast majority of churches I’ve attended use grape juice as a substitute for wine. I understand that grape juice is both cheaper and non-intoxicating, but it’s too sweet, goes down too easily. Wine has a quality about it that is impossible to ignore. If we are partaking of the blood of Christ (not “actually,” I’m not Catholic and don’t really believe in transubstantiation), shouldn’t it be a little more powerful than some Welch’s Concord grape juice? Something to think about… (Aha! I did find something for you to think about after all)