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March 31, 2008

Avery had a great nap this afternoon. We walked to the 7-11 on the corner and each got a Slurpee. I had a Coke flavored one and Avery got the Crystal Light Tangerine flavor (caffeine-free). I can’t figure out how he developed an orange moustache while drinking through a straw.

Sat down on the curb and watched the carwash in action. Avery reasoned that the cars were “taking a shower.” This kid’s putting stuff together.


Saturday Night Live (music)

March 30, 2008

Sitting here watching a little basketball in the background and really enjoying some old favorites, thought I’d share. Some are obviously dated. 

American Tune

The Only Living Boy in New York

 Something in The Way She Moves

Leo Kottke Medley

Wrapped Around Your Finger

New Year’s Day


Reasons Why

Last Call

Lazy Saturday

March 30, 2008


A fairly good intro to how the day started. Pancakes were not to be denied to the boy. That’s what I get for mentioning it to him yesterday, but we did chocolate chip pancakes as opposed to the regular. He didn’t notice. Went to the zoo for the better part of the morning. Again, the Lowry Park Zoo here has zero lions in residence (shouldn’t that be a requirement for every zoo?). Every time you ask Avery what he saw at the zoo, his first answer is always, confidently, lions. Jen has the camera with her in Nashville, so no new photos today.

Saw this couple at the zoo this morning that caught my eye. He was weraing a Boston Red Sox shirt, a Washington Nationals Hat, and she was wearing a NY Giants hat. What ever happened to “If you can’t be with the one you love honey, love the one you’re with” ?? Let’s realize that no one is actually from Tampa, but we’re all here now, so let’s pull for our local teams! This is definitely on my mind as opening day of Baseball season is right around the corner.

Both had a good nap this afternoon and went to Publix for the second day in a row, out of milk.


March 29, 2008

As you know, Jen is out of town and thus I lose motivation to do the following tasks:

1. Sleep

2. Clean-up

3. Walk away from the computer

4. Maintain Hygiene

Think we might go to the zoo in the morning, mainly because I can’t think of anything else to do that fits into the free category. At least I can post some pictures, right?




Friday night without the wife

March 29, 2008

A lot more tame than one might believe as evidenced by the fact that I’m blogging. Avery and I went to Publix (I didn’t have to drag him). When Jen is away, I take the opportunity to eat the forbidden fruit, some might call it a magical fruit: beans. If you didn’t know, Jen is severly allergic to beans. The menu for tonight was Southern Fusion, if I can use that term. A base layer of crumbled cornbread, a layer of black beans, layer of macaroni-and-cheese, topped with salsa. Might sound bad, but it hit the spot. I have some friends who add cole slaw to the dish, but I’m not a fan.

Planned on watching a little basketball, but I’m really not all that interested. I checked up on the scores, Davidson beat Wisconsin 73-56. Our friends Kenzo and Janie Koike are surely excited. I’ve spent the last 30-45 minutes searching through YouTube for a fun video to add here. I wanted to add a Leo Kottke or Bela Fleck video, but wasn’t impressed with the selections. Went with R.E.M.

In the video, he mentions that his hands are tired, probably from dancing like a pansy throughout the entire song. That’s about all I got today.

Bachelor Pad

March 29, 2008

Jen and Parker are up in Nashville this weekend, Avery and I are kicking it at the house. Maybe we’ll go to the zoo this weekend, definitely going to make pancakes tomorrow for breakfast. If you’re in the area, let me know and I’ll throw on a few extra flapjacks for you.


Cold War, part 2

March 28, 2008

Does the world seem a little more violent these days? Is this just me? I try to stay reasonably informed on things that matter (celebrities and their opinions/problems don’t matter). Read an article on today about the Russian armed forces. There’s a reference in the article about a Soviet ‘breach’ of US airspace back in February, and now flying off the coast of Alaska. While I understand that there’s a lot of jockeying and showmanship involved, it does concern me a bit. Not to a Red Dawn extreme, but enough to merit a post.


Sonic Boom

March 27, 2008

1. The words that “Guile” would say in Street Fighter II when his spinning rings of power would fly across the screen.


2. The sound that we here in Tampa heard at approx 8:30 tonight when the Shuttle passed over to land. FYI, the shuttle actually makes twin sonic booms as it passes through the atmosphere prior to landing. (One from the nose and one from the tail).



March 25, 2008

The behind-the-scenes marketing for the new Batman movie is remarkable. A lot of attention has been given to Heath Ledger’s performance in the upcoming film and rightly so, but I think there’s going to be a lot more than just Batman vs. Joker in this film. Click over to and see for yourself. A ‘grassroots’ campaign, complete with a touring campaign van that’s promotong Harvey Dent for DA of Gotham City. I don’t know if Two Face will make an actual appearance in the film, but they’re setting up the Batman franchise. For once, the characters are believable, and that goes a long way in ‘comic book’ movies.


Avery’s soooo 2!

March 25, 2008

Here are a few pictures of the last couple of weeks and today.  He’s really funny with some of the stuff he’s doing.  Their little minds – who knows what’s going on in there?!  He is such a great big brother, though, and is adjusting well.  Jealousy is really not an issue, thank goodness.  Enjoy the photos!

1.  Found him up on the step-ladder (“stumpy” as he calls it?) and asked him what he was doing.  “Cleaning!” he says happily.  Glad I had just cleaned the countertops, for real!cleaning.jpg

2.  This was after bathtime.  The robe is for 0-9 mos, but, really – who wears them then!?  They can’t even walk and it’s so much cuter on him now that he can walk around in it. The white spoon is really an all-purpose tool: spoon, drumstick, bat, umbrella, guitar, and here – a horn! horn.jpg

3.  Found him doing this this morning. I did not set him up in the splits and actually, he had them better than this before I got the camera.  Limber!! splits.jpg

4.  no comment except that if you know what this is, it’s pretty funny!!


5.  I was upstairs changing out laundry. Usually I’ll leave him alone when he’s in his room, but today, I left him downstairs by himself.  I knew there was a reason I don’t do that much!!  He was very pleased with himself, but did help pick some of it up.