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Tuesday Night at the Ryman

May 19, 2010

Still a little tired this morning, ain’t as young as I once was. Jen and I went to see The Swell Season last night at the Ryman. It was our first visit to the Ryman and there is not a bad seat in the house. Justin Townes Earle and friends performed the opening set. For those who are unfamiliar, he is Steve Earle’s son. Undeniably ecclectic in dress and mannerisms, but the boy can flat out write and sing. A great opening act and someone I’d see again. I’ll toss a youtube clip of him next:

The Swell Season then took the stage for 2 and 1/2 hours. The opener:

Glen Hansard is very engaging with the audience. He strikes me as a man who loves very deeply and has had his heart broken painfully several times. When this happens, he sings (loudly) of how this feels. Marketa Irglova seems very timid, but her clear voice complements Glen’s well.

It was an amazing show and I’d recommend seeing them to anyone who is able.

One of their new songs “High Hope” was one of their last. I’m not sure if it has been released to date. The youtube clips of them performing it are poor quality, but I’ll include a cover of a guy tearing it up. Hope you enjoy!


catching up

May 15, 2010

The Mixons haven’t done a very good job of keeping up with everyone via our blog. we didn’t even send a christmas newsletter this year! Yipes.  Sounds like a family with preschoolers that’s about to have another baby to me!? 

   I’m here at work this slow Saturday and thought I might just throw out a few things that have been going on here in our family.

1)If we’ve done a really bad job of communicating with you…I’m pregnant with baby 3 due in august!  No, we don’t know what it is – boy or girl – it’ll be a surprise for us all!  The boys are pretty cool with it and Avery, jr has already decided that it is a boy, and he will be named Bob.  Good thing he doesn’t have a weighty vote!! 🙂  Pregnancy is going relatively well and I’m feeling good.

2) We did not float away in the Nashville flood of ’10. Praise God for preserving our family that loss.  We had some friends who did not fare as well and will soon see their house bulldozed to the ground – what an amazing thing water is!  There is a lot of cleanup going on. I drove by the Opryland Hotel on my way to work this morning and there were dozens of Servicemaster vans, dumpsters, masked and gowned workers outside the hotel and mall complex working on the cleanup. What a mess!

3)Av and Parker are 2 and 4 – they’re so much fun but I definitely have a 2 year old in the house – NO! No! No! is all he says!  Av has decided to surprise us with the fact that he is able to read…well.  that’s been fun to see exactly what he can read and understand.  Enter the world of “Is that ‘a’ a long ‘a’ or is it a short  ‘a’??  They’re  both pretty boisterous. In fact, I was on the phone last week with the car repairman while I was at the grocery store. The boys were in the buggy and I was a few steps away from them so I could hear what this man was trying to say. After a few minutes he said, “Ma’am, do you run a daycare?”  Great. No, I said, that’s just my TWO boys here at the grocery store!! God only knows what three Mixons will sound like!

3)Parker likes hiding things, including himself, which he is very good at since he won’t answer me when I call his name.  However, last week, the things hiding were the boys’ toothbrushes.  He loves going  in to the bathroom, but he isn’t supposed to be in there by himself.  Somehow he got in. We couldn’t find those little boogers anywhere! I looked in every hiding spot I could think of and for 3-4 days, these toothbrushes were MIA.  Thursday is diaper wash day.  Yeah, here it comes.  I took the dirty cloth diapers that were in 0ur diaper champ to the washing maching downstairs and as i dumped them in, heard two very distinct ‘CHINK’ noises.  I look in the washer – 2 toothbrushes.  GROSS!!!!  Guess he liked the way he could stick them in the diaper champ, turn the handle, and poof! they disappear like magic.  What a goof.

4)My husband is the sweetest, most patient man ever.  He secretly planned to take the boys, by himself, while I was working this morning, to get their 2 and 4 year-old pictures taken that were horribly overdue.  If you haven’t ever taken small children to have their pictures made, you have no idea what a task this is…especially without back-up with you. He bathed them this morning, dressed them all up, and took them solo.  the pictures are great and they are so cute! I’ll have to post some pics of them later.  Can’t here at the clinic.  Love you, baby!

Well, that’s about all I got for now.  Hopefully more later, with some pictures to look at, too!

PostScript – had no idea he was posting the photo shoot pics the same time I was writing this!! We should get married! 🙂

Photo shoot

May 15, 2010

We have been talking about getting our yearly photos of the boys, and it finally happened. Upon recommendation from a friend, we went to Portrait Innovations. Avery was extremely well behaved and received a Chick Hicks die cast car as a reward. Parker is two. He was cooperative for 3 minutes and then became hysterically irrational. Hope you enjoy the photos!

Another Cinco de Mayo post

May 5, 2010

It has been a long time since the last post here. I have just stated the obvious. Entertainment for the children has become the standard at a children’s hospital and the child life department here at Vanderbilt is top-notch. For Cinco do Mayo, there was a Mexican Folk Dancing group performing on the main stage for all to see. I, of course, stopped to watch the performance. The ladies were displaying traditional dresses and danced holding the ends. The men were plainly dressed (black pants, white shirts, and sombreros).

What I most enjoyed about the dance was the formality. The meaning in the motions. The dance told a story of courtship and not in a modern, lewd way (Modern is probably not the right word as people have been dirty dancing for a long time). I understand that dance is ubiquitous among cultures, but there was something enjoyable and wholesome about this dance. It reminds me in a way of watching movies set in 19th century England with the formal, choreographed group dances. In contrast to more “modern” dance, the dance partners rarely touch.  Maybe it’s just me being old-fashioned, but there is more to wooing a lady than grinding on the dance floor. The thrill of the chase is better served in a manner that avoids the easy temptation of the physical.