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My Garden

July 15, 2009

Here are some shots of my garden as of late. A few are obviously earlier in the season.  I love my garden. I love the flowers and the veggies.  I’m not sure I love the ‘pumpkin vine’ that’s taken over the back half of my yard!!  Actually, I have no idea if it is a pumpkin plant or a watermelon plant.  The one fruit that’s on it makes me think it’s a watermelon, but when I google pictures of the pumpkin plant, this thing looks a whole lot like that. Who knows. I’ll post a pic of it later and let you decide…

Enjoy!  Oh, be on the look out for the carrot pair that looked for all the world like a pair of lady’s legs!! Hilarious.  Visions of ‘A Christmas Story’ lamp come to mind.  And, yes, we did eat them!!


Mentality of a 3-year old

July 13, 2009

My sweet son and I had an interesting discussion this morning, and to him, it was probably run-of-the-mill, but to me it was hilarious. 

I was getting dressed for the day and he was curious about what my bra was – never really seemed to care before.  Anyway, he asked what it was and I just said it was another shirt mommies put on under their other shirts…(no, I was not going to go in to detail of what it was called and why we wear them, b/c I don’t want to be embarrassed by it at a later date, can you just imagine?!) So, he said, “Little boys don’t wear that.” I said no, little boys don’t. and then he stopped and thought for a second.  As he walked out of the bedroom he said very matter-of-factly:  “We don’t have time to put that on.” I just had to smile. How true, how true.   Little boys only have time for things that are deemed highly important – they’re busy people, you see.  I love you Li’l A!!

Where would we be without technology?

July 13, 2009