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Christmas Surprise

December 29, 2011

Well, Jennifer was due for baby #4 on January 13th. This baby had other plans. Making a long story short (because who really enjoys the details of another persons’ labor?), we had our baby girl on Christmas Eve at 1:35AM. For those of you who were unaware of the pregnancy: sorry, we’ve been busy. Loaded below is a slide show of photos from her first 6 days ex utero (that’s a weird phrase). I guess I should also add baby data:

Emma Lenoir Mixon

12/23/11 01:35

6# 10oz

Additionally, Today is Jennifer’s Birthday!! Call her with stories of how awesome she is!








A Three-Hour Tour

August 26, 2010

Today had us going to the Cardiologist for Maryellen’s 2-week hospital follow-up. She did well for the visit, but Jen and I were a bit cranky. I was on call last night and Jen and I woke up in between pages to feed Maryellen and change dirty diapers. Great start to a Thursday. For our THREE hour doctors visit, we had 20 minutes worth of ultrasounding and over 2 hours worth of sitting in a room. brutal.

So, here’s the update. Maryellen’s aortic arch remains beautifully open. Overall, there weren’t very many changes. The main concern of the cardiologist at this point is pulmonary hypertension (seems like there’s always a new concern, doesn’t it?). The blood vessels in her lungs are not as relaxed as they could be. This could be normal in a 2 week-old infant, or this could become a problem down the road. As with most things, only time will tell. Next echo is in 4 weeks. The cardiologist drew us a picture of her anatomy, but i’m too tired to scan it tonight. More later…

Male Bonding

August 24, 2010

I arrived home after work last night at approximately 6:00 PM. Jen was pushing Maryellen in the stroller, I forget what Parker was doing, and Avery was laying in a heap underneath the magnolia tree. Apparently, he had just fallen out of the tree and was now gathering his dignity. We went to check on him and he said “my arm hurts.” After dusting him off, we asked him to show us where his arm hurt and he pointed at his right wrist. After ruling-out any obvious deformity and giving it a kiss, it was off to dinner. Jen and I discussed her history of broken bones as a child and agreed to take him to his pediatrician in the morning if he continued to have pain.

Li’l Avery is not a big eater, this is obvious when looking at him. That being said, he began to cradle his right arm and refused to eat anything at the dinner table. Jen and I shared a knowing look. It was off to the ER just to be sure. Our first clue that he was okay should have been his willingness to hop in the car to go. The last time he went in as a patient, he came out with 3 staples in his scalp. Before we left, I examined his wrist and he did have tenderness…

Thankfully, the ER wasn’t too busy, so we quickly met the nurse in triage who asked Avery a lot of questions. In the midst of this first exam, he decided to show the nurse how strong he is by flexing every muscle in his body simultaneously. This is a sight to see. Imagine my chagrin when Avery tells the nurse that his left arm hurt (see above for complaint of right arm pain). This was my second clue that he was neither going to require surgery nor a cast. Not to be a quitter, from there it was off to X-Ray.

In 2010, there is still no better (more likely cheaper) way to shield your body from unwanted radiation than by using a lead apron. They gave me an adult sized one so that I could stay with Avery in the X-Ray room. They also had a child-sized lead apron that went around Avery’s waist (see below). The X-ray tech informed me that this was to “protect his reproductive organs.” I had to chuckle at that. Avery proceeded to ask me what the shield was for. I could only tell him that “It would take too long to explain.”

Third clue that I was flushing good money down the drain was the other young boy with an obviously-broken leg getting an X-Ray in the room next to us. Thankfully, we made it to the Fast Track version of the ER and were seen and discharged rapidly. No sling, no cast, no narcotics, no bill. Home again at 10:00PM and off to bed. That’s not how I planned to spend my Monday night, but I guess that’s what I signed up for when he was born. Thankfully, his reproductive organs were preserved so that maybe he can experience that some day…

Scrubs moment

May 13, 2009

Scrubs is far and away the best and most realistic medical show ever. I, like J.D., frequently have fleeting thoughts that make me chuckle to myself. I’m sure people look at me and wonder what I’m thinking, you know? So some times when I give chemo, I feel as if I’m lobbing the Holy Hand Grenade of Antioch at what truly is a vicious rabbit. Enjoy the clip.

Tough Times

October 6, 2008

Sorry it has been a while since I updated you on my dad. In the last 2-3 weeks, he has allowed hospice to come into his house and that has been a major help to him and to Karin. He also had a feeding tube placed which has relieved much of the anxiety and difficulty with eating enough to maintain calories or a decent energy level. I received a call tonight that he was not very responsive and was heading to the ER by ambulance. I’m not sure if this is too much pain medicine on board or something worse, playing the waiting game. He lucidly told me that he did not want to die in a hospital. He said he would rather be sitting in the front yard in a lawn chair ( I have tears in my eyes as I write this, hoping that remains a possibility). My prayer is that he truly know Christ in his heart and that he will get to know his grandsons one day. His father passed away when I was too young to really remember him and I hate it that this will be the same for them. I feel awful being selfish at a time like this, but I hope to live long enough to know my grandchildren. It is hard when I think of all the things that he will miss, I cannot write them out, still too close

Flu Shot

October 1, 2008

Got mine today, now my arm is sore.

Friday night

September 5, 2008

I’m on call tonight and Jen is in Memphis with the boys. I have access to the medical record database and have a couple of labs that I’m waiting on so as to make some decisions (from the comfort of my couch, that is). In the meantime, you should all enjoy a video (Josh gets the credit again).

Heads-up Chad and Rebecca: I want my canoe back.

Vestigial Organs

August 18, 2008

i really don’t know where to start with this story. I had to work over the weekend and Jen took the boys to Memphis. Sunday morning, I had breakfast prior to rounds and shortly afterwards, I noticed some vague abdominal discomfort. We were fairly effecient in rounding on Sunday, and I was heading home at about 12:30. I was planning on knocking together a sandwich, but felt uncomfortable. I opted out of lunch and chose to nap. Unfortunately, didn’t sleep well. My abdominal pain was worsening. As I lay there, i did my own abdominal exam. It was classic for appendicitis. I had generalized abdominal pain that was now worst in the  right lower quadrant. Really? I don’t need appendicitis.

I called Jen and she was still an hour out from Nashville, so I just lay on the floor, waiting. I was hoping that the pain would spontaneously resolve. When Jen made it home, I had her examine me again and we decided to go into the hospital. I felt an electric jolt of pain with every bump in the road.

The ER waiting room is always an interesting experience, needless to say. After approximately 2 hours in the waiting room, finally made it back to a room. Had a nice psychiatry intern come in and do my initial exam followed by the ER attending. The work-up was as expected. they ordered a CT of my abdomen and pelvis and a surgery consult. Got 4mg of Morphine at this point which really helped. As I expected, the surgeons showed-up first. Let me say that the experience of being a patient is very strange. On every medical drama, you have that shot from the patient’s perspective of the ceiling lights and tiles as the patient is wheeled down the hall. This was a surreal feeling. Well, the CT was positive for appendicitis and the OR was notified.

The next step was the pre-op holding area. Pain had returned by this time. Got Fentanyl this time and was quickly flying high. Was finally wheeled back to surgery a little after midnight on Monday morning. Last thing I remember in the OR was a face mask placed over my face and off to dreamy-dream land. According to the surgeons, the operation lasted approx 1 hour and all I have to show for it is 3 small scars (still bandaged) and some serious belly pain.

Jen stayed at the hospital with me until I came out of surgery. I know she was there, but couldn’t tell you much about it. At this point, I was exhausted. I also had enough anesthesia and pain medications that I slept off and on for the better part of the morning. was actually able to get out of bed this afternoon and walk around the hallway. Amazingly, I’m sitting here at home on the couch, less that 24hours after my appendectomy. Thanks to all of those who prayed for me and Jen. Will keep you updated on my recovery.

Caring Bridge

August 17, 2008

So, Caring Bridge is a website for “Free, personalized websites that support and connect loved ones during critical illness, treatment and recovery”. I obviously work with many patients that qualify for having a critical illness requiring treatment and hopefully, recovery. Some of the children that I have the priveledge of caring for have their own sites and I’ve placed a link on the main page of the blog for some of those sites. If you have some time, look over a few and drop them a line, an encouraging word goes a long way.

Ok, gotta jump back in

July 23, 2008

Aarrgh, work is busy these days. Finally made the webpage, but no mugshot yet, not sure why as good looking as I am. I’ve been assured that it’ll get better, but that’ll still be a ways off. Jen and I are both a little tired. We did get a new bed and matress and that goes a long way. I’d post pictures of the new furniture and our green bedroom, but no clue where the camera is. Called home at lunch time just to check in and Avery told me that he went poo-poo in the potty (small victory), he also poked Parker in the eye with one of his “drumsticks.” (actually a chop stick. what can I say, they’re free and he has a good imagination).