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Birthday Photos (at last)

February 25, 2010

Things to note:

1. Jen made and decorated the cake and cupcakes

2. Avery’s new bike says “Major Damage” on it. We thought that was appropriate.


Birthday Bash

February 15, 2010

Hard to believe that Avery jr is now 4 and Parker is 2. We had a great party (combined) for them this past Saturday. We left our camera at the Snowshoe resort and it still hasn’t made it back yet. When it does, I’ll post those vacation pictures. As such, we relied on Pop-Pop to be our photographer and we’re awaiting those photos as well. As a teaser, I’ll post the one he e-mailed to me. Jen and I got the boys rain boots as every little boy┬áneeds a good pair of rain boots.

Happy Birthday Boys!