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We had a large tree removed from our property this morning. It occupied the kids’ entire agenda for the day – which was great for me!  They came at 8:30 and stayed until after 3:30!  The tree, which was not dead in the least, had a large crack down the center of the trunk, which, apparently, was extremely dangerous.  Who knew??  It killed me to have it taken down, but it had to be done. I had indigestion all morning.  They fixed the fence, as you can see, which I was glad of. 

In other news, Maryellen is doing great – eating, sleeping, pooping…what more can I ask for? 🙂  We’re still up 2 times a night and once reeeeally early in the morning, but I’m a little more used to it. You should never have to get used to no sleep…it’s just wrong.  I took a 2 hr nap this afternoon from 4-6 and I’ll still be fine to go to bed tonight. Love it. However, she’s a great baby and does not confuse her days and nights. Goes right back to sleep after she’s eaten – no complaints!

The boys are doing great as well – the picture of the two of them on the rocking chair reading just warms my heart – they can coexist without killing each other!  Alone, on the other hand, they’re darn near lethal – Av ran headlong into the doorframe of his bedroom this afternoon and gave himself one heluva good goose-egg on his forehead.  I’ll try to post a picture of it later – it’ll be with us for several days. Black eye to follow for sure. He’s why we took the better of the options for our insurance.

I’m as short on words as I am on sleep, but wanted to post a few happenings for ya.  Enjoy – more to follow later. – Jen


2 Responses to “Trees”

  1. Dee Sinard Says:

    Loved, loved, loved hearing from you, Jen. Glad all is well. Sorry about the tree, but can tell it was great entertainment. Good thing someone noted the crack!
    Love and hugs to you and your precious family,

  2. janie Says:

    poor avery! i remember when he ran into the sliding glass door at the beach condo. good thing he has a hard head!

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