A Three-Hour Tour

Today had us going to the Cardiologist for Maryellen’s 2-week hospital follow-up. She did well for the visit, but Jen and I were a bit cranky. I was on call last night and Jen and I woke up in between pages to feed Maryellen and change dirty diapers. Great start to a Thursday. For our THREE hour doctors visit, we had 20 minutes worth of ultrasounding and over 2 hours worth of sitting in a room. brutal.

So, here’s the update. Maryellen’s aortic arch remains beautifully open. Overall, there weren’t very many changes. The main concern of the cardiologist at this point is pulmonary hypertension (seems like there’s always a new concern, doesn’t it?). The blood vessels in her lungs are not as relaxed as they could be. This could be normal in a 2 week-old infant, or this could become a problem down the road. As with most things, only time will tell. Next echo is in 4 weeks. The cardiologist drew us a picture of her anatomy, but i’m too tired to scan it tonight. More later…


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One Response to “A Three-Hour Tour”

  1. Dee Sinard Says:

    Praying that God will again heal little Maryellen and take away any pulmonary hypertension. Also praying that you will continue to trust in the Lord’s goodness and provision, so that you may have peace.
    Love and prayers, Dee

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