Welcome Home, Maryellen!

Well, today is the day! Jen and I went up to hang out with Maryellen this morning to find her under the Bililights. As mentioned yesterday (in the update), she is a mite jaundiced, but this didn’t hold up her progress.

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This morning, Avery and mommy were talking about bringing Maryellen home and Avery asked “Mommy, do we get to keep her for forever?” You bet, big brother! Thanks again to all who have shown support, we felt surrounded in love.



3 Responses to “Welcome Home, Maryellen!”

  1. Dee Sinard Says:

    I read your post last night at intermission during a musical called Women Who Dared to Believe. It was a moving depiction of Biblical women who trusted God in all different circumstances and believed in His goodness and mercy. Jen, I think you could join this hall of faith. The bili lights seem to be doing a great job (or do you have yellow-reduction on your camera?lol) Maryellen is angelic and what a little miracle. You know her name is well-known all over heaven for all the prayers brought before the throne!!
    Love to all of you,

  2. rosie Says:

    I know you probably haven’t had time to check ever-present email, but I sent an email to Jen’s email address. I believe that this is God’s miracle. It reminds me of Luke 8:50
    “Just believe and your daughter will be healed.” You are the proof of this.
    Love to you all

  3. Jackie Daniels Says:

    Avery and Jennifer,
    First of all, congratulations. I know I am not good at staying in touch, but I think of you often and fondly. And now I have physical proof of it.
    I actually finished a baby quit I started for Avery! I figured I should finish it if you guys are going to keep turning out babies. I want to mail it to you, but do not have an address.
    Loved the pictures,
    Aunt Jackie

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