Photo shoot

We have been talking about getting our yearly photos of the boys, and it finally happened. Upon recommendation from a friend, we went to Portrait Innovations. Avery was extremely well behaved and received a Chick Hicks die cast car as a reward. Parker is two. He was cooperative for 3 minutes and then became hysterically irrational. Hope you enjoy the photos!


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2 Responses to “Photo shoot”

  1. Joy Says:

    Love the pictures!!! Hope you guys were happy with Portrait Innovations!

  2. Allyson (Hyatt) Arrington Says:

    These are great pictures!! Reminds me of Jen at this age…especially the missing toothbrush story – I seem to remember a few incidents like that! Jen, do you remember the time you broke the top of to the toilet at Wendesday night church??

    It was been great to keep up with you guys – I somehow stumbled upon your blog. Your kids are beautiful and congrats on #3! We are in Chattanooga now – bring the boys over to see the Aquarium – we have space for visitors!

    Love to your whole family!!

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