Another Cinco de Mayo post

It has been a long time since the last post here. I have just stated the obvious. Entertainment for the children has become the standard at a children’s hospital and the child life department here at Vanderbilt is top-notch. For Cinco do Mayo, there was a Mexican Folk Dancing group performing on the main stage for all to see. I, of course, stopped to watch the performance. The ladies were displaying traditional dresses and danced holding the ends. The men were plainly dressed (black pants, white shirts, and sombreros).

What I most enjoyed about the dance was the formality. The meaning in the motions. The dance told a story of courtship and not in a modern, lewd way (Modern is probably not the right word as people have been dirty dancing for a long time). I understand that dance is ubiquitous among cultures, but there was something enjoyable and wholesome about this dance. It reminds me in a way of watching movies set in 19th century England with the formal, choreographed group dances. In contrast to more “modern” dance, the dance partners rarely touch.  Maybe it’s just me being old-fashioned, but there is more to wooing a lady than grinding on the dance floor. The thrill of the chase is better served in a manner that avoids the easy temptation of the physical.


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