Ski Trip (Part two)

We had a restless night on Wednesday due to howling wind outside and noisy neighbors overhead. We were concerned that the wind would ruin our day. Avery’s ski school is located at the absolute most windy spot on the top of the mountain. Our fear is that he would become a human kite and blow off the mountain. Thankfully, there was another affiliated ski school a little further down the mountain and thus somewhat protected from the high winds at the top. We never knew the cause, but the power went out on top of the mountain that morning as well causing the ski lifts to be useless elevated chairs. One ski patrol chap speculated that some of the locals might have been shooting at the power line insulators proving that rednecks exist in every corner of the world.

The only open lifts (and thus the only open slopes) were “down the hill” at the Silver Creek ski area. This area is much smaller and became more crowded quickly, but at least we were able to ski. Avery had a positive ski school report on his ability to make turns and was much more steady on his feet, however he tired quickly. He himself admitted that he refused to make his “Pizza Wedge” (the ubiquitous snowplow) at the end of the lesson because he was tired. The morning cleared nicely and during nap time, Jen was able to ski solo. Thankfully, power was restored and the rest of the mountain was open. Hopefully she’ll comment on her alone ski time.

After an excellent nap time, we had our third and final trip to the indoor pool and dinner out at “The Junction.” Apparently, potato prices are at an all-time low as we were served around 4 pounds of french fries as the side dishes.

This morning, we left out at about 10:30 and had a nice trip. I really wanted to drive all the way home today, but by the time we made it to Bristol, there was already 2 inches of snow in Nashville with more on the way. We’re camped out again in Johnson City, TN with no real idea of when we’ll make it home. We stopped at Hardee’s on the way home as we were getting tired of Arby’s. It had been at least 10 years since I had stepped foot in a Hardees. Growing up in Oxford, we had possibly the world’s nastiest, dirtiest, grossest, funkiest Hardees ever. In the 10+ years since then, Hardees has really improved. Their burgers and fries were really pretty good and I’d recommend a visit to those who have had similar experiences as I had in the past. (Again, can I get paid for some advertising?? Maybe if >3 people ever visited this site…)


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