Ski Trip (Part one)

The Mixons have temporarily relocated to West Virginia for a vacation. We wanted to go skiing and wanted to go out west. Alas, due to the recent economy… Wait, the economy has nothing to do with the fact that I’m still making beans and we’re heavily in debt. Oh well, going out west was not an option so we chose West Virginia. Jen had read a write-up on Snowshoe Mountain in Southern Living and we found that 1) we could drive there and 2) it was a little cheaper. Long story short, here we are.

We left Sunday evening after Jen got off work and drove to Johnson City, TN. There we stayed with the Bridgforths (long-time family friends of the Wells). After a nice time of catching-up and a scrumptious breakfast quiche, we headed up here.Monday night brought hard winds with blowing snow.  Tuesday was somewhat disappointing as the weather continued to be rough. Cold, blowing snow with wind over 15-20mph most of the day. In addition, the pool didn’t open until 2PM (really?)

Wednesday has been 100x better. We decided not to ski Tuesday and pushed our lift tickets to Wed/Thurs instead. After eating a heart-healthy breakfast of Honey Nut Cheerios (I wish I could get paid for all this free advertising), we set out. Parker was the only child in the daycare, but he didn’t mind as they had a much larger Lightning McQueen than we own. Avery went to Ski School (pictures to follow as I don’t have a cable for the camera). Jen and I refreshed our ski-muscles on the bunny slope a few times prior to attacking the green slopes. Make all the fun you want, but I know my limits. The ski-muscle refresher for me (Avery) wasn’t quite enough. Needless to say, the first long, big hill that I encountered caused a bit of panic and I ate it (moderately). This first slope that we tried also had a warning sign (un-heeded) that they were currently “making snow” on this slope. That amounted to a huge pipe spraying a fine mist in the air every 200 or so feet. So, I’m careening down this big hill with very little confidence. Every minute or so, there’s this smoke screen of artificial snow that I cannot see through (much more powder-like than the rest of the snow), and then there’s this big (probably not all that big really) drop-off. My skis dig in to this nice, soft snow and decided to stay put. I did not. Spread eagle, flying-squirrel like face plant into the snow. Thankfully, no one saw except several woodland creatures. I think I might have accidentally killed a few of them with my antics. To add insult to injury, I landed right underneath one of these snow-blowers. As I struggle to stand-up, find my skis, find my poles and reassemble both my dignity and ski costume, I’m quickly becoming covered in a fine mist of rapidly-freezing water. I felt like the liquid metal terminator (T2), just waiting for the slightest thing to cause me to shatter into a million pieces. I finally reestablished a vertical position only to fall twice more on this slope. Jennifer was laughing like Randy laughing at the deranged Easter Bunny costume (the pink nightmare–click below for reminder) as I must have looked funny. Covered in a shell of ice. Thankfully, no photos here.

The remainder of the day was much better. Had to get that one out of my system. The day was clear and milder than the previous 2 and the wind was not a bother. No more significant falls and I don’t think Jen fell once, not that I was counting. We went to meet Avery at Ski School and the instructor told us 2 things: 1) He was really sweet and respectful and 2) he needs to be in the beginner class again tomorrow. To cut him some slack, he did spend the first 60% of his life in Tampa and he’s not even 4 yet. After lunch, the boys fell asleep hard and it was my turn to go solo skiing while jen stayed with the boys during naptime. Had some great runs (no falls) with nice weather. The slopes here have been really nice and comparable to what I have seen out west (2 resorts >11years ago for what it’s worth).

After a dip in the pool this afternoon, it’s bedtime at last. Will write about the remainder of the vacation after it actually happens and include photos. Stay Tuned…


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