8-11-09= Not quite so good (bonus goodies at the end)

Avery (Jr.) had a banner day in the misbehaving category. His random devious acts consisted of the following:

1. Bold-face lie about going potty when we could see that it was bone dry.

2. Throwing his sippy cup point blank into Parker’s calvarium.

3. Peeing on Parker’s head on purpose during bath time.

Needless to say, not his best day. We asked God to forgive us at bedtime and hope that tomorrow brings a slightly more obedient little boy. The bonus goody I speak of is another flavor of Publix premium ice cream: “It’s Your Birthday Cake.” As described on the box: “Premium birthday cake ice cream with blue, orange and green frosted cookie pieces and swirled with ribbons of blue cake frosting.”  Diabetes 1, Diet 0. Oh well, this stuff is REALLY good and highly recommended. Jen is currently hearing Christina’s engagement story, hope to have some updates on that soon.


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2 Responses to “8-11-09= Not quite so good (bonus goodies at the end)”

  1. Rebecca Says:

    Seems like we both have been having not quite so good days lately. Glad we’re not the only ones… Chad died out laughing when I told him about Avery’s “bad aim” w/ Parker! 🙂

  2. mixonitup Says:

    Don’t be mistaken, there was nothing wrong with Avery’s aim. He hit his target.

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