Vacation at ‘The Cape’

Man, it’s been a while since we’ve blogged. Sorry to all you (4) faithful readers!! I’ve returned to let you know we had a wonderful beach vacation this past week at Cape San Blas, FL, and there will be pictures. Hooray!  Blogs are just not as fun without photos.  Mags and Rebecca, I’ll point Av in the direction of your previous comments concerning Cherry Coke, Star Trek, etc. 

  I’ll use this captive audience while you’re waiting to scroll down and see pictures to let you know how things in the Mixon world are going.  Well. We’re doing well.  I have been starting a vegetable and flower garden this spring and it’s been a trip – it probably merits its own post. Ok, you convinced me – photos and information about the garden will be posted separately!  Suffice it to say for now that I am glad to have stuff growing in it and am anticipating my firstfruits in a few short weeks!

Avery’s first year is almost over and June is a nice and slow month, so this is very good. I’m finding myself becoming giddy just thinking about him not being as busy – yeah, I’m pathetic.  He showed up at the house today at 4:00 due to a cancelled meeting and I almost passed out from shock! It was great!  We got to go to the YMCA as a family BEFORE dinner even! Wahoo!

Parker is walking finally – 15 months – and he’s getting quite good at it. The hands are still up rather high as his ‘balance beams’ but I love the early walking stage – super cute!  His words are slowly coming. New ones this week: ‘fee’ is fan, ‘sy’ is outside, cheeeese, ‘dow’ for down, and he’s finally gotten dada correct to the proper person. Av and I were both mama for a while there. 

Avery went back to playschool for the summer session (praise God, mom has a break twice a week!!) and loves it as he always does.  He’s still loving the water and is getting closer to swimming but not there yet.  He’s totally potty trained, which is a HUGE thing for us. Now if we can just keep Parker out of the potty…gross…no details on that one. 

I (Jen) am looking at the possibility of some very part time work as a nurse practitioner and am excited about that.  I am loving my yard, flowers, and garden – Av jokes I go outside just to look at the plants and veggies at least 3 times a day – he’s right! I pulled all 4 of them out there this morning to see a huge pumpkin blossom – didn’t get the camera out, though – I know you’re disappointed!

Ok – you’ve read enough.  Here are the pictures from our vacation. No, this is not exhaustive, but it gives you a good glimpse of our week. We had a blast. Enjoy!

who's excited!

jumpin' in the hole pop madewarming upreading with kidsloves a hatpreciousthe gang's all heresistersmama and parkerparker printsthe mixon menjust the 2 of ussunset


6 Responses to “Vacation at ‘The Cape’”

  1. maggie Says:

    I love beach photos!! Great pictures.
    My favorite….the one of you reading. Claaaassic.

  2. joy Says:

    Love all the pictures — everyone looks great! I miss that whole Wells clan!
    OH, and my favorite is definitely the pic of you reading, too…or at least, trying to read! 🙂

  3. Mama Says:

    Those pictures brought back sweet memories – what a great week! As I look at the group picture each year I notice we add a child each year. Who will be there next year?!

  4. Natalie Says:

    So good to “see” you guys again! 🙂 Everyone looks great and it sounds like you are all doing well. The boys are so cute! 🙂

    • mixonitup Says:

      Nat – congrats on the new one coming!! Loved your posts, and the dog cake was phenomenal – great job!! Don’t look back at our birthday cake pics – you’re in a totally different class!! 🙂 Alex is getting so big!

  5. mixonitup Says:

    Mom – hopefully there will be no new ones next year – an off-year if you will!! Thanks to all 4 of you who took the time to read my crazy long post and enjoy the pics! Hope all are having a great summer! – Jen
    PS – haven’t even TRIED reading any time soon!

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