Parker is one today


Happy Birthday, little buddy! Hard to believe you are a year old. Your brother and I sang “Happy Birthday” to you at 10:36 am  – exactly when you were born last January 30th!  Sorry your day has been a little preoccupied with “Bubba” but you were a trooper to skip your nap and come with us to the doctor’s office.  You were also very supportive of Av while he got his very first penicillin shot for his very first bout of strep throat. You laid back in the stroller and sucked your thumb and held your lovie!  We’ve had a good case of almost everyone in the house getting sick this past week and haven’t really had a chance to celebrate your first year of life, but rest assured, Pumpkin, we will next weekend!   For now, rest and catch up on sleep lost. Dream about getting to taste your first french fry and milkshake for lunch on your birthday and when you wake up, there will be a balloon for you to play with!!! Oh, boy!  Or as you say, “Whoa!”  I love you little one and am so glad you are a part of our family.  God bless you on this special day.  May this next year be filled with new discoveries and many laughs alongside your brother.  Your family loves you!1-year


2 Responses to “Parker is one today”

  1. Emily Hutton Says:

    Happy Birthday, Parker! Wish I could give you a hug and hold you! HOpe all is well with your family!


  2. joy Says:

    Happy Birthday, Parker!!! (Jenn — I can’t believe how much he looks like you dad!)

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