Christmas in Review


Christmas morning began at 7:15, not too bad. We had set up everything the night before and settled in for a late night viewing of The Lion, The Witch, and The Wardrobe. Avery didn’t run in quite as fast as I expected him to, but once he saw the train table, that was all she wrote. He probably made 500 laps around the table pushing Thomas the Tank Engine over bridges and through the tunnel. He very politely said “no thank you” to opening more presents in favor of playing with his trains. Parker racked up with a sock monkey, a few cars, and some blocks.

Jen made some killer cinnamon rolls. After all the presents were opened and the paper collected, nap-time ensued. Dinner was awesome (Ham, Corn souffle, sausage and rice casserole, yeast rolls, roasted asparagus, green salad, and some pretty bad sweet tea). I remember this dinner fondly as these weeks have passed, especially as we’re still working on the ham.

I thought this post was really going to be a lot better than this, but I let too much time lapse from when I started until now. In the meantime, Ole Miss beat up on Texas Tech in the Cotton Bowl. This was cause for much rejoicing in the Mixon household. Of note, preparations are underway for 3 birthdays in a 3 week time span, more later.


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