Lessons Learned

So, for the curious in the crowd, here’s an explanation of the events as they unfolded Sunday night. I was blogging away about the weekend that was and took a jab at Phil Stacey. Many of you remember him as the bald-headed American Idol contestant from a few seasons ago. Within 30 minutes, I had 4 comments on the post up-in-arms that I would say something against him. So in light of this, I have learned a few things.

#1 I picked the wrong crowd to piss off. There exists a (previously unrecognized) middle-aged female paramilitary internet cabal who use Google Alerts to follow the every move of their crush. They are quick to declare a jihad on your blog if you dare criticize their star. Seriously people.

#2 This is a great way to get blog traffic. Josh noticed this. All you have to do is hate on something, then you’re a star. Next target: David Archuleta.


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9 Responses to “Lessons Learned”

  1. wtgm3 Says:

    mixonitup. the issue is not declaring a jihad. The issue is not doing research on the person and using a bit more tact in talking about him. And I will have you know that Phil Stacey has fans of all ages; not only middle-aged women. For one thing, the other person who responded to you has known Phil for years, so she ought to know what she is talking about. I am a dedicated fan who has come to admire and support him for what he stands for: a talented singer as well as a dedicated Christian man, husband, father, and a patriot, who still serves his country as a Navy reservist. He is deserving of support and express it, just like you express yourself through your blog. Yes, we are middle-aged who replied; but Phil has children and young adults as fans as well. One of the most recent videos about him is one on from Naples, Italy, where he recently performed. The person speaking highly of him is a child. And he is featured on a cd done by young people, namely the Young People’s Chorus of New York City. I doubt that he would be chosen to sing on that cd if others working with young people were not impressed with him. If we came across as jihadists, that was not our intention. But before you judge, check out.

  2. mixonitup Says:

    If I could have poured the sarcasm any thicker… For the last time, I DON’T HATE PHIL STACEY!

  3. Vicki Says:

    You did not ???? me off. I don’t use that kind of language, by the way. I did feel you were rather unfair and a little rude to Phil Stacey by saying they must have scraped the bottom of the barrel to use him. He has gained some noterity and some fame from being on Idol and he also lives close to Nashville. We are not saying that you hate Phil just that we feel that comment could have been left out of your previous blog. Remember the old saying Momma’s used to use, if you can’t say anything good, don’t say anything at all.

  4. mixonitup Says:

    and if momma ain’t happy…

  5. Vicki Says:

    I am just saying that there would be a lot less hurt feelings and hard feelings if people would think before they say and also if they are going to say something bad then don’t say anything at all. That is one of the lessons I have learned and it makes my life a whole lot easier. You seem to have so much sarcasm. Makes me wonder why you are allowing your life to be so miserable?? Sad…

  6. Vicki Says:

    Oh as a last thought, I forgot to respond to this earlier. I do not have to have Google alerts to know what goes on with Phil Stacey, I know him. I for one am very excited for him that he is receiving all this attention and getting invited to do all these things. It could not happen to a nicer more talented guy. I think the multiple invitations coming from everywhere speaks for itself. I think he is way about scraping the barrel status. Unless the whole world has gone to the dogs. LOL

  7. mixonitup Says:

    Vicki and wtgm3 – I am amazed at how vehemently you defend your case. My husband has already edited the post, changed his view, responded to your long-winded comments, and yet…..you continue! Amazing. Wow – you have hitched your wagon to a star and you just won’t give him up for anything! Proud of you for your tenacity, but puh-leese….stop! Geez. this is just a blog about a family’s day in and day out activities. We are married, have 2 boys, are strong believers, and also have a sense of humor. Respect that. If you want to preach about Phil, just keep talking on your own blog. We’ve moved on to our next event in life…please do the same! Seriously, I hope you have a Merry Christmas and that you get to hear Phil Stacey sing at your next Christmas parade. Jennifer Mixon – out.

  8. Vicki Says:

    Thanks Jennifer and Merry Christmas to you and your family!!!

  9. wtgm3 Says:

    Thanks for the Christmas wishes, Jennifer. May you have a merry Christmas, too.:-)

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