Weekend Update

*NOTE* the original entry has been edited as I am apparently out of touch with the music scene. I meant no offense to anyone and will do more research in future posts! -the staff

It has been a truly great weekend. I got off work early (4:30) on Friday and we drove downtown with a thermos of hot chocolate for the Nashville Christmas Parade. It was 29 degrees outside before the parade even started. We had no problem finding a good seat and settled in for the festivities. Former American Idol participant Phil Stacey was the Grand Marshal. Unfortunately, they had him riding, not singing. Highlights included multiple local marching bands, a handful of actual balloons (think Macy’s parade but about 1/3 actual size), and a lot of fire engines/police cars/ambulances. The local Shriner’s club gets a special mention because they occupied approximately 47% of the entire parade. They had trucks, cars, motorcycles, floats, and best of all, the miniature cars they are well known for. They had these little 18-wheelers that were hilarious. After an hour and a half of parading, we were ready to head home, the boys did great.

Later Friday night and throughout Saturday, we got a lot of work done on the kitchen. We started painting it last week and it’s over 3/4 done. Took a time-out for the SEC championship game. I for one am glad that Florida won and I hope they win it all, just to say that the only team that had the goods to beat them all season was my Ole Miss Rebels. By the way, the bowl selection show is later tonight. I hope we don’t have to play Texas Tech…

Today has been very nice as well. Made it to the early service at church and took the family to get our Christmas tree before nap time. We were looking for a 6ish foot tree and that’s where we were looking when we happened to ask the nice man what the prices were. $115!!! For a dead tree! We passed on that one and they directed us to the “bargain” trees. We still ended up paying almost $75 for our tree. Highway robbery. I will now forget this fact and simply enjoy the tree. During nap time, I got a haircut. Thought you’d want to know. Also during nap time, I channelled my inner Clark Griswold and put up some outside lights. It’s 5:00 and the boys are somehow still asleep, but that won’t last long. Don’t forget the season finale of The Amazing Race starts in 2 hours. Hope your weekend was equally as excellent. Stay tuned, Tuesday Avery is an Angel in his playschool Christmas pageant, should be great.


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7 Responses to “Weekend Update”

  1. Vicki Henson Says:

    I for one am very upset with how you start this article, blog or whatever it is. Scraping the barrel to get Phil Stacey?? There are many people out there who REALLY like Phil Stacey. Was that comment really necessary?? Then you go on to talk about going to church. Was it a very Christian remark to say what you did about Phil?? Just checking. Please stop and think about it.

  2. Judith Says:

    With all due respect, what is wrong with Nashville choosing Phil Stacey for grand marshal (which is spelled with 1 “l,” unlike the name, which has 2 “l’s?”). Read his bio at philstacey.com , so you know what kind of person this is. He is a class-act and great performer. He has sung from a child and holds a degree in vocal performance from Lee University. He is a Navy reservist, and has just returned from performing in Naples. He was also at Lipscomb University on the 2nd with Amy Grant, and there are 2 videos out there that show his excellence in performing. And there are many others out there, of him performing country music as well as Gospel, and even leading in worship. My first link will show why Nashville has chosen him; and I, for one, would have loved to have been there to see him. He was the grand marshal last year for Jacksonville, Fla., where he was stationed before Idol. Phil was at the Opry 5 times in 1 year, since he left Idol, and has received standing ovations for his patriotic song, “Old Glory.” He was highly praised by some of the “bigger names” in the music business at a recent tribute to Michael W. Smith. No, Nashville did not have to scrape any barrels.

    Tim Greenhouse, Regional Executive for Piedmont Natural Gas in Nashville, commented on Phil Stacey’s role as Grand Marshal for this year’s parade, “We’re very excited to have Phil serve as our Grand Marshal. His story and his passion for family and music make him the perfect fit for our Parade.”

    http://blip.tv/file/1537611/ (“Do You Hear What I Hear?”)

    http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=eFNco9pm1_0 (“O Holy Night”)

    http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=yj-EHBTzSE4 (Phil with the Navy in Naples, Italy)

  3. mixonitup Says:

    Ok, I messed up with the Phil Stacey remarks, I obviously didn’t know what I was talking about. Sorry. At least they could have let him sing some Christmas songs…

  4. wtgm3 Says:

    I believe he did sing. He was supposed to have performed at the Public Square at the tree lighting ceremony. And I did not check my previous post carefully. The 5 times I was referring to in my earlier post was 5 times that he appeared at the Grand Ole Opry. Besides that, he had a very full schedule, which took him to almost every state in the country.

  5. mixonitup Says:

    Ah, we were in the midst of nap time when the tree lighting ceremony was underway. Hate that I missed that.

  6. Vicki Says:

    Thank you for revising your original post. Phil does have a VERY good voice and I am sure many would have enjoyed him singing as he went through the parade route.

  7. Cathie Says:

    Oh my gosh, I would have given anything to be able
    to see Phil Stacey as the Grand Marshall. He is such
    an awesome man, great singer and good Christian
    man. They were lucky to have him.
    Silly you for posting what you said.

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