Open Apology

I’m sorry that I haven’t had the time to keep up the blog properly. I feel bad, not for the readers as much as for myself. In a way, this is an avenue for me to get my thoughts down on “paper.” I get the feeling that the Christmas season will be quite busy, but I’ll try to get some goodies up here for those of you who come here. Josh, I’m listening to the Sufjan Stevens Christmas album now at work; O Come, O Come Emmanuel hits the spot. I’ve got to look up the really bad O Holy Night soon.



7 Responses to “Open Apology”

  1. reedthis Says:

    What an amazing post. You’re sorry, but not really apologizing to us the readers. Then you go on to explain how you feel sorry for yourself – which in turn generates sympathy from us. So now, we’re not mad at you for not posting, we’re sympathetic towards you and want to encourage and build you up. Then you tell us how cool you are for listening to the super indie Sufjan Christmas album. Seriously, dude, you’re a genius. It’s amazing what you just did.

  2. mixonitup Says:

    I just read the post again and I see your point, but trust me, that wasn’t my intention. Unfortunately, Jen is the photo-master (distant cousin to the Beast Master) and I can’t get pictures up in a timely fashion. This blog is in shambles…

  3. scott james Says:

    sufjan christmas cd’s are rad. for that matter, all sufjan cd’s are rad.

  4. scott james Says:

    hey wait a minute! i just noticed that when you scroll over the link to our blog underneath the “Friends” section on your front page it says “they’re florida state fans”. what the heck man? that’s either a typo or your wry sense of humor. you best be fixin’ it, boy.

    go gators. SEC champs.

  5. mixonitup Says:

    I don’t make typos.

  6. scott james Says:


    • mixonitup Says:

      I was really curious to see if you would ever notice. Don’t worry, I’ll change it under 3 conditions:
      1. Florida beats Oklahoma
      2. Tebow wins the Heisman
      3. You admit that Ole Miss was better than Florida this year.

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