Train Table

It is obvious to anyone who has spent time around li’l Avery that he loves trains. I take a lot of credit for that as I love trains as well (apple not falling far…). This year we have taken the task of making his wish list to Santa for him. In anticipation of a Christmas day train set (Brio), I made Avery a train table over last weekend. Looking online, there are tons of sites dedicated to wooden trains and so I found one with free plans for the table. I chose for no apparent reason and really like the design. I used 3/4″ birch plywood for my table and got the electric blue paint at the local ACE hardware. We’re planning on covering the table top with either green felt or some other type of design, but will wait until Christmas Eve to start toying aroung with track set-up. There are also tons of websites with track layout ideas. I think I’m enjoying this as much as he will.

I was planning on posting a picture of the table here, obviously didn’t. Wait for Christmas…


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