In Paradise

Papa (Charles Milton Massey) peacefully passed into glory with his savior this morning around 11, eastern time.  All his children were there and we all know he is so happy to be reunited with his bride of almost 70 years and to finally see Jesus face to face!  I really am praising God for his answer to prayer and happy he is no longer in pain or suffering.  When you have lived a long life, as he had, it is sad to see him go b/c I am going to miss him, but I am more happy for him – Hallelujah! 

Papa and meGrandmommie and Papa

Those of us remaining here will remember him well,

          how he always was interested in all his grandchildren’s lives,

          how he would threaten to give knuckle sandwiches and then hug us,

          how he loved to see our annual ‘talent shows’ every Christmas we were down there,

          the way he was alway honest about his concerns and feelings – because he loved us,

          how he always would say, “…and I kinda like you, too”, or “…and I love you muchly” after you would tell him you loved him.

Papa – enjoy heaven, give Grandmommie a big kiss for me, and know I love you so very much and will miss you, but rejoice in your eternal homecoming. Love,  Jen


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