Life at the Mixon household is never normal.  Things are always going on.  Right now, I am awaiting ‘the call’ from my mom to say my grandfather has gone to glory.  He turned 89 on the 5th of this month, his very close buddy, Billy Graham, turned 90 today (no, I’m serious, they went to Bible College together!) and I believe they are both ready to see Jesus.  Papa is definitely ready to see his bride.  He’s taken a downward turn the last week and is just not rallying like he did before.  I think he is actually waiting to see his two sons who were driving down today to be with the family. My Aunt lives in Tampa and he’s been living with her for the past month or so, my mom made it down there yesterday, and he recognized that she was there.

He’s been pretty out of it, but by God’s goodness, I was able to call him and actually speak with him on his birthday.  A little window of clarity that I am very grateful for.  I spent a lot of time with him while I was in Tampa the past 3 years, and really really miss not being right there with him.  Yes, he’s sometimes a stern man, but he is really a teddy bear underneath it all and I was privileged enough to see that.

I don’t expect Avery will be able to come with me when I go down for the funeral.  He’s already had a quite eventful Summer and Fall with 2 full weeks of unplanned emergency absences. So, I’ll probably be boarding a plane with my two little munchkins in tow in a few days. I really just pray God will call him home soon and he’ll be able to say goodbye to his 4 children before that happens.

“Swing low, Sweet chariot. Comin’ for to carry me home, Swing low, Sweet chariot. Comin’ for to carry me home.”   I love you, Papa and will see you again in paradise!


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