A Beautiful Day

Tuesday was rainy and Wednesday had a lot of drizzle. Thursday was picture perfect. I was very moved by the amount of support that we received. It is probably wrong of me to single any one out but that’s just too bad. Our dear friends Brad and Maggie Ingram drove up from Jackson. I can’t say what it meant to me that they would make that trip. My dad, my uncle Eddie, and I are all members of the Fraternity of Delta Psi. I graduated from Ole Miss over 7 years ago and don’t know any of the active members there, but at least 8 of my “brothers” from all different years were there. What a testament to the bonds of brotherhood. I could list all of those who had encouraging and sympathetic words, but that would take me all night.

Thanks to all who came to the service and all those who have reached out to me and my family. Andy, Uncle Eddie, and I went through all of my dad’s stuff (for lack of a better word) and that was a very bizzare feeling. Included was a CD collection which included many odd albums, none of which were from U2. I preface this because I’m including a U2 video below. Not sure if dad was a U2 fan or not.



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