Weekend Recap

A very subtly busy weekend.

Saturday 06:45: Li’l A wakes up, we let mom sleep in and go on a trip to Shipley’s donuts. we get tasty treats for the whole famliy and take a detour downtown. Both Averys are fans of trains (no coincidence) and there happens to be a large train yard downtown. We watched the CSX trains come and go for 45minutes. Good times.
Generic CSX train
Saturday 11:30: Stopped by Fat Mo’s to get some burgers before heading off to the park. Lovely day for a picnic.

Saturday 16:30: Went to Lowe’s for some paint samples for the basement. Ate some pizza and watched Vanderbilt squeak by against Auburn, quite a game.

Saturday 19:30: Bedtime for little boys, Jen and I painted the basement (not all of it) and realized that the paint colors we choose were way too pale. Watched National Treasure, not a great movie, but entertaining. What bothers me most about that movie is how the lady’s accent is all over the place. She can’t figure out what approach to take.

Sunday 07:45: Slept a little later than we should have. We were only 15-20 minutes late for the early service. We went to Covenant Presbyterian Church again and have found an amazing sunday school class. It’s taught by one of the new pastors, Matt Bradley. He also has a blog.

Sunday 11:30: Jen made a pot roast late Saturday night (didn’t feel like that needed a mention) and it was yummy. Bedtime for little boys.

Sunday 1530: Parker pulls to a stand for the first time. Of course I didn’t see him do it, just the finished product. By the time I could get Jen in the room, he was down and wouldn’t perform again. Loaded up the family in the car and went to the fall church picnic. Avery rode a horse, jumped in the bounce house, and ate next to nothing. Not sure how he has any energy…

Sunday 19:30: Bedtime for boys. The Amazing Race was pushed back because of football, watched that and am jonesin’ for some travel. As you can see, a fairly busy weekend. Hopefully I can get Jen to put up some pics.


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2 Responses to “Weekend Recap”

  1. mags Says:

    Gee, I wish you had some pictures from that weekend your friends came up. What’s up with that? I mean, what a lazy photographer. I need to get her on that.

    So what color did y’all end up with for the basement?

    Okay, one more quick thing…did Jennifer mention getting an email from me about keys? I’ve lost mine…do one of you mind taking a look in Parker’s room? I’m thinking they may be under and/or behind that dresser. We didn’t open any of the drawers, so if they got in there, I have no idea how, unless some little hands at some point opened them. I can send some moola for shipping if you they ended up staying behind and you find them!! But please, don’t turn your house upside down…they’re just keys 🙂

  2. mixonitup Says:

    Yeah, no excuse on the lack of photos. The basement is 80% primed, the 2 colors were a light shade of gray and a light shade of blue-gray. Neither of them looked good at all. Back to the drawing board…
    We’ll look for the keys and don’t say that they’re “just keys,” I read your post about those keys.

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