Thursday Night post

1. Flu shot didn’t leave me all that achy.

2. Got off work early today and was able to watch the Rays win game 1.

3. The weather lately has been awesome.

I realize that this post is pretty lame and just felt the need to get something up. Is that the point of blogging? Do I necessarily have to convey something important or challenge the readers? Well, if that was what you were looking for, sorry.

As I’m in the middle of composing this stream-of-consciousness post, I realize that I meant to follow-up on a previous post. I commented a couple of weeks back on Communion and the elements. One thing I forgot to mention was the wine (50% of the “meal”). The vast majority of churches I’ve attended use grape juice as a substitute for wine. I understand that grape juice is both cheaper and non-intoxicating, but it’s too sweet, goes down too easily. Wine has a quality about it that is impossible to ignore. If we are partaking of the blood of Christ (not “actually,” I’m not Catholic and don’t really believe in transubstantiation), shouldn’t it be a little more powerful than some Welch’s Concord grape juice? Something to think about… (Aha! I did find something for you to think about after all)


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