Parker feels neglected

Okay – I posted all about Avery, jr and his first day of playschool, but Parker informed me today through various grunts and babblings that I had left him out of the blog and he wanted representation as well. So, here are some cute pics of our youngest – 7.5 months old. 


  Parker got his first goose-egg today – was crawling on his knees and lost his balance and slammed into the open dishwasher door, about 4 inches off the ground. Ouch!  He can cry well.


He also is enjoying sitting up in the front yard, and likes to munch on various grasses and leaves.  Tall fescue is his favorite grass so far. (can you tell I’m brushing up on my grass and garden terms?) 

No new teeth except for the 2 he has on the bottom, but he’s working on some more, I can tell.  Newest food: green beans. His impression – not impressed! Great faces, though.  He eats it if I mix it with his pears, gross, right?! Oh, well – it’s nutrition.  Can’t wait for our friends the Ingrams to come up to visit in a few weeks~ I get an afternoon to actually take care of myself…may even get a haircut! WOW!  Such great friends.  You know God has given you some truly wonderful friends when the miles and the years don’t matter and when you’re together, it’s like you’ve been in the same town forever.  God is good. 

Here’s the last pic of my two little blessings!  I won’t put any more up for a while, I promise!  Proud mama!


4 Responses to “Parker feels neglected”

  1. mags Says:

    Wow, I don’t think I’ve ever realized how blue Parker’s eyes are and how brown Avery’s eyes are!

    Can’t wait until next weekend!

  2. joy Says:

    Ditto the comment on the eye color — they are both beautiful!

    Keep the pictures coming, we don’t mind at all!

  3. Rebecca Says:

    Oh jen- they just get cuter and cuter!! Parker really is looking like his Daddy! Precious nephews…can’t wait to squeeze them both soon.

  4. mixonitup Says:

    Thanks, Rebecca! Hopefully you can squeeze them both sometime in October! Enjoy your screened-in breeze!! Jen 🙂

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