Monday’s Post (a bit late)

(I ran out of time yesterday) So, I made it back to work on Post-Op day #7. Was a little tired not being used to waking-up so early. And I didn’t get a 3-hour nap. It was an eventful weekend as the whole family loaded-up and headed for camp. This weekend was a celebration of the 50th summer of Alpine Camp for Boys (link on right-side of page). For those of you who know nothing of the camp, I invite you to visit their site. To say the very least, it was the place where I first saw the Gospel fleshed out through the lives of numerous counselors. It is the place where I accepted Christ as my savior and I was fortunate enough to work there for 4 summers. The directors invited former staff and campers for a weekend of fellowship and needless to say, it was an excellent time. I would include a picture, but will have to later. We made it home Sunday evening and it was back to work on Monday.

Of particular interest, Jack “Traveler” Dickens finished through-hiking the Appalachian Trail today! Huge congratulations to him for an excellent accomplishment. I’m sure he will e-mail his final journal entries soon and I’ll try to get them up in a reasonable amount of time.

Since the above was written, I scurried over to the Alpine website and pirated some pictures. The first pic below (L to R): Me, Glenn Breazeale, and Bram Pinkley. Glenn is the director of Alpine and Bram is a pediatrician here in Nashville.

The next pic is of (L to R):Me, William Denney, and Nicholas Ireland. William was a camper way back when I was on staff and has amazing skills and intensity when it comes to the game of Banana Ball (it’s a minor sport). Nic is probably one of the most humble and thoughtful guys I’ve ever met. He was a groomsman in my wedding and he himself is getting married in October.

Well, gotta go, but wanted to update you as to the goings-on.


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