Vestigial Organs

i really don’t know where to start with this story. I had to work over the weekend and Jen took the boys to Memphis. Sunday morning, I had breakfast prior to rounds and shortly afterwards, I noticed some vague abdominal discomfort. We were fairly effecient in rounding on Sunday, and I was heading home at about 12:30. I was planning on knocking together a sandwich, but felt uncomfortable. I opted out of lunch and chose to nap. Unfortunately, didn’t sleep well. My abdominal pain was worsening. As I lay there, i did my own abdominal exam. It was classic for appendicitis. I had generalized abdominal pain that was now worst in the  right lower quadrant. Really? I don’t need appendicitis.

I called Jen and she was still an hour out from Nashville, so I just lay on the floor, waiting. I was hoping that the pain would spontaneously resolve. When Jen made it home, I had her examine me again and we decided to go into the hospital. I felt an electric jolt of pain with every bump in the road.

The ER waiting room is always an interesting experience, needless to say. After approximately 2 hours in the waiting room, finally made it back to a room. Had a nice psychiatry intern come in and do my initial exam followed by the ER attending. The work-up was as expected. they ordered a CT of my abdomen and pelvis and a surgery consult. Got 4mg of Morphine at this point which really helped. As I expected, the surgeons showed-up first. Let me say that the experience of being a patient is very strange. On every medical drama, you have that shot from the patient’s perspective of the ceiling lights and tiles as the patient is wheeled down the hall. This was a surreal feeling. Well, the CT was positive for appendicitis and the OR was notified.

The next step was the pre-op holding area. Pain had returned by this time. Got Fentanyl this time and was quickly flying high. Was finally wheeled back to surgery a little after midnight on Monday morning. Last thing I remember in the OR was a face mask placed over my face and off to dreamy-dream land. According to the surgeons, the operation lasted approx 1 hour and all I have to show for it is 3 small scars (still bandaged) and some serious belly pain.

Jen stayed at the hospital with me until I came out of surgery. I know she was there, but couldn’t tell you much about it. At this point, I was exhausted. I also had enough anesthesia and pain medications that I slept off and on for the better part of the morning. was actually able to get out of bed this afternoon and walk around the hallway. Amazingly, I’m sitting here at home on the couch, less that 24hours after my appendectomy. Thanks to all of those who prayed for me and Jen. Will keep you updated on my recovery.


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5 Responses to “Vestigial Organs”

  1. Rebecca Says:

    I know that you are glad that you are home and those..probs…are something else! We’ll pray that you will be back up and doing well by Friday, in time for your reunion:)

  2. joy Says:

    Is that in you in the picture? If so, how cool that they let you have it! (only a trauma nurse would say that!) — feel better soon — and coming from one who has had, oh, maybe 5 abdominal surgeries — “THIS TOO SHALL PASS!!” It gets much better after day 3-4.

  3. Mama Says:

    You have been covered in prayer from the Memphis area! I know you are glad to be in your own bed amid the happy sounds of your wife and boys!

  4. Emily Hutton Says:

    Wow! Glad to hear that you are doing well. We are praying for you here in Tampa. We miss you all so much!

  5. mixonitup Says:

    Thanks all, am feeling better. No the picture in the post is not of me, I only had 3 probes, not 5.

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