Making good time

June 16, 2008 Bear Mtn. Bridge to Dennytown Road, NY (14.5 miles)
I enjoyed my 3 “zero” days while Elaine visited. We were in Fort Montgomery, NY, near the US Military Academy at West Point. We toured the historic sites and enjoyed the museum at West Point. Seeing so
many fine young people there is encouraging for our country’s future. I’m camped out tonight because there is no nearby shelter. Fortunately, the tent was already up when a fierce rain, hail, and
electrical storm hit! I’m safe and dry, but it’s been an exciting last hour. I’m alone tonight so I’ll read a while before going to sleep.

June 17, 2008 Dennytown Road, NY to Morgan Stewart Shelter (19.7 miles)

Today was a long hard hiking day with lots of rocks, climbing and descending. Though rain threatened all day, I was fortunate that little fell. Tonight I’m sheltering with Gray Ghost and his grandson, D.J. and Hike Farmer who is just returning to the trail after being off for a week with an injury. It’s good to see old friends and renew acquaintances.

June 18, 2008 Morgan Stewart Shelter to Wiley (Webatuck) Shelter (16.3 miles)

The morning was great for hiking. I reached the “Appalachian Trail Stop” for the train to NYC. Also photographed the “Dover Oak” which is the largest tree on the AT. It looks about the size of the large
oak at the south end of Bear Gap Road on the way to Lake Rabun! I hiked about 1/2 mile off the trail for lunch at a Deli. Back near the AT was the Nature Garden Center whose owner is very hiker friendly.
She let me stow my pack there while I got lunch and made a shower available to me when I returned. It rained this afternoon but I made it to the shelter O.K. Hope the rain stops by morning. I’m only 2 miles south of the CT border now, so will leave NY, my ninth state, tomorrow.

June 19, 2008 Wiley (Webatuck) Shelter to Stewart Hollow Brook Lean-To (19.7 miles)

Today was a beautiful day, cool this morning, then warm and sunny. The trail was quite rocky with two 1,000 foot climbs. The last descent of the day from Caleb’s Peak was steep, difficult, and dangerous at times. I hiked off the trail this morning for an early lunch at The Country Store in Bull Bridge, CT. The deli sandwich was great and I walked through a very old covered bridge.

June 20, 2008 Stewart Hollow Brook Lean-To to 2 miles north of Falls Village, CT (19.3 miles)

Today was another beautiful day of hiking. It began with a level 2-3 mile hike along the Housatonic River and then climbed steeply into the mountains. I had originally intended to stop about 4pm and rent a small cabin with some hiker friends. No cabins were available so I had a restaurant dinner and hiked north until 7:00pm when I knew I should find a spot to set up my tent. I’m off a small side trail near the AT, so I hope for a quiet night. I’m going to hike into Salisbury, CT tomorrow for a bed, shower, and laundry.

June 21, 2008 2 miles north of Falls Village, CT to Lower Cobble Road near Salisbury, CT (6.4 miles)

I planned a short day to clean-up, re-supply, and rest. I have a nice room in the home of Maria McCabe, an older lady who rents rooms to hikers and has been so helpful in getting me around town for laundry, lunch, and re-supply. Tomorrow she will shuttle me north about 17-18 miles and I’ll slack pack back to her home for a second night.

June 22, 2008 Jug End Road, MA to Lower Cobble Road near Salisbury, CT (17.6 miles)

Morning weather was overcast with rain beginning about noon. It was a good day to slack pack because there was a lot of steep climbing and descending on steep rocky slopes. On further consideration, there are NO bad days to slack pack!! I enjoyed hiking south and meeting my
northbound friends. I’ve arranged to slack pack again tomorrow because rain is expected again. It will be a shorter day but that’s ok, too. Today completed the state of CT, my tenth state. There are
about 90 miles of ST in Maryland, so I expect I’ll finish it this week.

June 23, 2008 MA 23 near Great Barrington, MA to Jug End Road, MA (12.9 miles)

Today was overcast and rainy. I’m in the Berkshire Mts. now with lots of rock and steep slopes. It’s been so wet I’m really glad I’ve been able to slack pack the last few days. I head north tomorrow with a heavy pack.


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