Ok, gotta jump back in

Aarrgh, work is busy these days. Finally made the webpage, but no mugshot yet, not sure why as good looking as I am. I’ve been assured that it’ll get better, but that’ll still be a ways off. Jen and I are both a little tired. We did get a new bed and matress and that goes a long way. I’d post pictures of the new furniture and our green bedroom, but no clue where the camera is. Called home at lunch time just to check in and Avery told me that he went poo-poo in the potty (small victory), he also poked Parker in the eye with one of his “drumsticks.” (actually a chop stick. what can I say, they’re free and he has a good imagination).


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3 Responses to “Ok, gotta jump back in”

  1. mixonitup Says:

    Just to clarify – Mom speaking here – the drumsticks were put far far away for the entire day (possibly more) and he received a sound spanking for doing the poking as well. The drumsticks were cute and cool when he was younger and couldn’t run with them or think to deliberately poke his brother’s eyes with them. Never thought I’d be hearing myself say, “AVERY!! Are you supposed to poke your brother in the eye?!” The poo-poo in the potty was a much higher note today…I’m out!

  2. reedthis Says:

    It’s all fun and games ’til someone gets their eye poked out.
    What? Hey, someone had to say it, right?

    Also, it’s obvious that no matter how far you guys move away, there is no way I’m avoiding ‘poop’ discussions. Awesome.

  3. mixonitup Says:

    Just tossing long-distance Chim Chim cookies at you. Look out!

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