Swimming lessons

I remember when I used to take swimming lessons in the summer at the Turner center. The further along you get, the harder the tests become to become “certified.” The strangest thing I remember is they would make us jump in off the high-dive with blue jeans on. We obviously had our swimming trunks on underneath. We’d then take off the blue jeans, tie the legs, and flip the sopping-wet pants over our head to trap air in the pants. This was designed to be a temporary floatation device. Not sure why I remembered that or felt the need to share, but at least I found 5 minutes to blog, so there you go. Haven’t watched any new movies yet, but look forward to any reviews/suggestions out there.



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5 Responses to “Swimming lessons”

  1. mixonitup Says:

    Incendencally, that was our 250th post! Thanks for occassionally reading!

  2. Rebecca Says:

    What does that make it…a susquentennial celebration? …I have not a clue, but we are excited to see ya’ll next weekend! Hang in there while you’re on call this weekend.

  3. mixonitup Says:

    Actually it would be the Semiquincentennial celebration, but since we’re mearusing posts and not years, it’d probably be the Semiquincentpostal celebration. I love Wikipedia.

  4. mixonitup Says:

    Sweetie – you misspelled “lessons” in the title…come home and get some sleep!

  5. Rebecca Says:

    Loved that last post!! Yes…sleep…it’s never overrated! 🙂

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