Traveler update

Sorry, Been busy, but hope you enjoy a few updates on Jack. Will try to get these together and out to you over the next few days.

May 15, 2008  Harper’s Ferry, WV
I have taken several zero days while Elaine visited.  She is concerned 
with my weight loss and has tried to fatten me up while she is here.   
We’ve enjoyed visiting historic Harpers Ferry which is actually a 
national park.  I went by the ATC (Appalachian Trail Conservancy) 
office to register as a thru-hiker and was assigned #83, meaning I am 
the eighty-third thru-hiker to reach their office in 2008.  Since 
300-350 people usually thru-hike, I’m probably in the first 25% to 
reach this far.  Tomorrow I head north with a heavy pack (more food) 
and a promise to eat more food each day.  Please continue to pray for 
my health, safety, strength, and perseverance.

May 19, 2008  Harper’s Ferry, WV to Rocky Run Shelter (15.5 miles)
The walk through and out of Harpers Ferry was interesting.  I saw 
Jefferson’s Rock and enjoyed walking 2 or 3 miles on a level towpath 
next to the Potomac River.  Virginia and West Virginia are now behind 
me and I’ll only be in Maryland for about 40 miles.  I expect to enter 
Pennsylvania later this week.  I’m in shelter tonight with Hiker Piper 
who is from Bainbridge, GA.  We’re looking for rain tonight and

May 20, 2008  Rocky Run Shelter to Wolfsville Road /MD 17 (Free State 
Hiker Hostel)  15.5 miles
Today was not a good day for hiking.  It rained heavily last night.   
The morning was foggy with a chilly wind, but the rain held off until
about noon and then came on heavily.  I was so glad to finish the day 
at a hostel where I could get a warm shower and get my clothes clean
and dry.  I even shuttled into town and ate a huge Chinese buffet!   
Hope the weather improves tomorrow.  No opportunities today for great
views because of the fog.

May 21,2008  Wolfsville Road/MD17 to Deer Lick Shelter (14.7 miles)
This morning was nice and sunny, but it rained again after lunch.   
There’s lots of water on the trail now.  Hiking was slower because of
water on the trail now.  Hiking was slower because of the many rocks 
and boulders.  I completed Maryland, my sixth state, by crossing the
Mason-Dixon Line into Pennsylvania.  The AT has about 230 miles in PA
so I’ll be here for several weeks.  Everyone says its a tough rocky 
trail through this state, so far, I’m alone in the shelter so I’ll 
read a while before going to sleep.


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