Falling Asleep

Everybody has been there, doesn’t make it any less funny. Setting the scene: Morning report is basically an hour-long meeting every morning (starting at 8:00) where we will discuss a patient who was admitted overnight. It’s usually an excellent learning experience and can be very helpful to the team taking care of the patient. So, nameless third year medical student is sitting at the table. Early into the hour, I notice that he’s starting to nod off. You know, the kind where your head bobs, and you catch it. You kind of open your eyes, but you’re nowhere near awake. I was just going to pull him aside afterwards and talk to him about it when WHAM! That’s right, he took the nestea plunge. Slammed his head on the table. Needless to say, that woke him up, and everyone who hadn’t noticed his drifting off was instantly aware. You really want to laugh, because let’s face it, it was hilarious. Don’t think I need to sit him down for a chat, lession learned. Will include a video of slick willie giving a demonstration.


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3 Responses to “Falling Asleep”

  1. Rebecca Says:

    Pretty funny! We had a guy in high school who was notorious for sleeping and drooling on the desks! Grosss…..go to bed on time!!

  2. mags Says:

    I love the fake nodding in agreement.

  3. mixonitup Says:

    Saw the kid today and all the other medical students were ribbing him. He’ll never live that down.

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