I was talking to a friend this morning about old (not antique) cars. I was reminiscing about my 1995 Ford F-150 (manual tranny) and he had a similar year VW Jetta. There were talks of great gas mileage and he brought up a new term to me: Hypermiling. Generally stated, it’s the practice of getting ridiculous MPG out of your car. While this may not work for those Hummer drivers, I’m thinking that I can get on board with this. I obviously am taking the content for this from elsewhere. Check out these 2 sites if interested. The first has an interesting article on traffic.



 As an example, and without really implementing too many of the stratagems, I made it home yesterday at 38.3 MPG. This was mainly accomplished with slower acceleration and maintaining a lower top speed. This obviously is difficult to do in extremely congested traffic, but the concepts are interesting. The “going green” aspect remains a contributor, but mainly I’m just trying to save a buck, you know?

Update: Made it to work today at 41.3 MPG. (2000 VW Passat with 145K miles). I’m assuming that the on-board computer is correct, I should probably try to correlate this. Nevertheless, I’m getting 33% better fuel economy!


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One Response to “Hypermiling”

  1. hypermilers Says:

    Hypermiing is fun. cool, and it works!

    Good for the environment as wellas your pocketbook too.


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