No Limits

Couple of things happened today which have culminated in this post.

1. Jen and I got new cell phones today after 3 years with our old phones. For the first time, I have a phone with a camera. Because of this, I must take pictures of people and have the photo appear whenever I get a call.

2. We finished Season 3 of Battlestar Galactica tonight. Wow. Great finish to a wild season. I’m going to have to wait for Season 4 on DVD, as I don’t currently nor will I own the SciFi channel any time soon. For the potential reader who is watching season 4 in real time, I will shoot you if you spoil anything.

So, here we are. I just spent 20 minutes scouring the internet for a Battlestar Galactica ringtone for my phone. There, I said it. Kinda like Val Kilmer as Doc Holiday in Tombstone says “My hypocrisy knows no bounds.” My nerdness knows no bounds. I found that the AT&T website only had the theme to the original series, which is fairly generic. There were a few other websites that offered themes, but I didn’t feel like paying $20 for one ringtone (there were hidden fees, I read the fine print).

Josh and I toyed around with assigning characters to some of my friends. The actual actor would show up instead of their picture when they called. Sorry to publicly include you in this Josh, but don’t worry, my readership is fairly low. I would obviously be approaching this as if I were old man Adama. I have reserved Apollo for Avery jr. whenever he gets a phone (don’t worry, this is years off). If anyone out there would like to make a case as to who you might be in Avery’s cellphone BSG line-up, please let me know. Should I make Jennifer be Laura Roslin? Who gets to be Starbuck? Very hard questions.

As another aside, this is at least the second post where I have included a Val Kilmer tag, probably a sign of how no one will read this.


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7 Responses to “No Limits”

  1. mixonitup Says:

    I caved. I chose not to be Old Man Adama for now. I’ll be Apollo and let Jen be Starbuck (by her request). I’m going to stop revealing how much of a dweeb I am.

  2. mags Says:

    If you were Adama, I’d want Jen to be Laura. I really want those two to end up together. But, Jen should be Starbuck, especially if you’re doing it based on looks. They practically have the same hair.

    And, yes, your nerdness knows no bounds…so who do you think the 5th one is?

  3. mixonitup Says:

    Ok, watch this. They get to the end of the series and the final cylon is revealed and it’s you. Wouldn’t that blow your mind?

  4. mags Says:

    And what, you open the picture attachment to the email that’s said you’re being spied on from your computer and you open the picture and it’s a monkey? Okay, just kidding. Your comment just reminded me of those emails that used to circulate…

    I used to be convinced it’s Adama, but I’m not so convinced anymore. I LOVE that Tigh is one.

  5. mixonitup Says:

    We sat around after we watched it and tossed around all of our theories. I really want to believe that none of those are really cylons. I don’t have anything to go on and I don’t know how to explain it, but that’s my view. Are you watching season 4 live, or waiting for the DVDs. If you’re watching it live, PLEASE do not spoil it. By the way, loving that you and Brad are watching it as well.

  6. mags Says:

    No, we are waiting for it to come on Netflix, so we won’t see it for a while. We’ll actually be watching it around the same time y’all will! I know, I still can’t believe I’m as in to it as I am. We would stay up and watch episodes in between feedings when Parker was a newborn. How is packing going?? Jen, I miss you!! Give the kiddos a big hug for us.

  7. mixonitup Says:

    Awesome, we can converse about the unfolding of the plot together. Unfortunately, I don’t think the season will be done until the fall at the earliest, so maybe we’ll be lucky and get to watch it at Christmas. Packing is going slowly but surely. We pack 4-5 boxes/day, not overwhelmed yet. We get loaded up a week from Thursday, so we’re not cramming random junk in boxes yet. I’ll speak for Jen and let you know that she misses you as well. Don’t worry, I’ll encourage her to make a road trip or two down to see you, after all, we’ll be a WHOLE lot closer.

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