A Napkin, please

This post is a few days over-due, but better late than never. Every morning at the beach house last week, Avery would walk into our bedroom somewhere between 6:45 and 7:00 am. This was something that was not allowed at home, but we let it slide as he was in a new house. He’d come in and say hi, and we’d pull him into the bed, turn on the Wiggles (thank you Playhouse Disney), and try for an extra 20 minutes of sleep. By the way, you’re not supposed to be awake at 6:45 at the beach, on vacation.

The last morning there, Avery walks in, stands about 3cm from my face and says “A napkin, please.” This can’t be good. I pick him up and notice that he’s wet, and his hands smell like poop. The light isn’t on, so I couldn’t see his grubby little hands but I felt the impending doom. I quickly enlisted the aid of my better half and we sprung into action. She took him to the bathroom where he proceeded to ask for “a clean diaper, please” and “a wipe, please.” I walked into his bedroom. For those of you smart enough to see Speed Racer, Avery tossed some Chim-Chim cookies on the following areas: his pillow, his sheets, the comforter, his “lovie,” the bed ruffle thing, and about 6 books also on the bed. Mercifully, no pictures were taken. The beach house had 2 washers and dryers, good planning.

P.S. For the last 3 mornings, Avery has been getting up around 7:00am and walking into the bedroom, just as he did at the beach. He’s not too excited to be sent back to his bedroom, but we’re not too excited to have our own little Chim-Chim in our room at 7:00.


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3 Responses to “A Napkin, please”

  1. joy Says:

    oh my gosh, i am laughing out loud (sorry!) — I know I shouldn’t because that will be me and Alex one day, I just know it! And I agree, you should at least be able to sleep till 8AM on vacation!

  2. mixonitup Says:

    Seriously, my first thought when I read your comment was I was glad you didn’t write lol for laughing out loud, for some reason that bugs me.

  3. joy Says:

    i don’t think i am cool enough to use all the slang abbreviations — i still type everything out (and half the time, I don’t know the abbreviations when they are used)…that makes me feel old

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