Tuesday Update

Had a fun last night at our “small group meeting.” We only have one more left after that one and have given up the last 2 to fellowship (aka games and snacks). The girls won Cranium thanks to some poor rolls of the dice by the guys. A new game to Jen and me was Catchphrase, also enjoyable. The highlight of the night wasn’t the banana pudding that Adrienne made (although much appreciated), it was just being with friends. I know that this community of friends will be what we miss the most when we depart for Nashville. Very underrated. We often don’t think to say it, but we love you guys and treasure the time together.

I should also acknowledge the homemade chocolate-dipped peanut butter balls that Melissa brought and the baked Brie cheese thingy that Janie brought, both equally delicious. Just know that I’m a sucker for banana pudding and that’s just the way things are.

Just found out yesterday that Vandy will be supplying me with a laptop as a part of the new job. Is it wrong that I’d rather have the $$ to pick out my own? I guess that this way, when it breaks, not my problem. We’re starting to pack, so come help if you get the chance.


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