Number 83

April 27, 2008 Harvey’s Knob overlook to Bryant Ridge Shelter (15.7 miles)
The day was overcast, but no rain yet. No spectacular views today. I met “Foot Machine” and his wife Mary at a road crossing. He’s trying to complete a southbound thru-hike which was interrupted last year and had to leave the trail a few days ago for some dental work. They gave me a Dr. Pepper and a peanut butter sandwich! I stopped early today because of expected thunderstorms and the fact that the next five miles are a steep climb. I switched from my high top shoes to low cut ones. They are lighter by ½ pound per shoe and are well broken in, but I found a blister on my right heel tonight. I’ll have to take care of that. I’m in shelter tonight with 2 section hikers, Dead Weight and Rain King, and a young couple who are thru-hiking, Snidely Whiplash and Apple Core.
April 28, 2008 Bryant Ridge Shelter (0 miles)
It rained all night last night. I woke just before dawn and started getting ready to hike, but the rain started again. I went back to sleep until 9am and the rain continued. No one left the shelter until 11am when a few headed out. With the rain continuing until 3pm, I decided to take a zero day. A few folks hiked in wet and cold. Hope tomorrow will bring dry weather.
April 29, 2008 Bryant Ridge Shelter to Matt’s Creek Shelter (22.7 miles)
I was up early and on the trail after a zero day yesterday. The rain stopped, the sky cleared, and a cold north wind was blowing. It was COLD on the mountain top. Today’s special sight was “The Guillotine,” a huge boulder which was balanced on the A.T. (photo below). Everyone hesitates before passing under it.

I’m in a shelter tonight with 6 other thru-hikers. There was no space left when I arrived, but they made a place for me! What nice folks! Their names are Snidely Whiplash, Apple Core, Hike Farmer, Kirby, Hard Bound, and Cookie. I made pictures (below) to remind me of their kindness.

No cell phone reception here. Will try again tomorrow.


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