New Demographics

A friend of mine, Jason Caldwell introduced me to this topic, so I’ll give the guy some credit. When looking at the phases of my life, demographics make about as much sense as anything else out there. Since I’ve been in Tampa, I’ve gone from married, no kids to married, one kid, then married 2 kids. Today marks another shift in the MixonItUp world as I am now married, 2 kids, homeowner. We closed on the house (281 Ivywood Drive Nashville). We’re very excited and plan on having you all over at some point, house-warming gifts are a requirement (FYI). We have hundreds of plans for sprucing it up and about $10 to use. Will toss some new pictures soon, but keep in mind that “soon” is a very vague term.

If you’re especially good at decorating or handy with home repair stuff (seriously, sanding cabinets for Habitat for Humanity doesn’t count) we really want you to come. We’re thinking of painting the brick a white color, if you have any opinions or ideas, here’s your opportunity to share.


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2 Responses to “New Demographics”

  1. Rebecca Says:

    so excited for you both! It’s a whole new wonderful world of having space to play!
    I know the house will turn out great!

  2. mixonitup Says:

    Thanks, looking forward to being able to turn up the music as loud as I want to.

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