Bad Judgement?

Are we moving too fast? Avery has impressed us with the ability to occassionally poo-poo in his potty. Maybe we took this as a sign of some minute amount of responsibility? Is that the right word for a 2-year-old? Probably not, but I digress. Our next toddler issue to tackle has been the graduation out of the crib. We’re skipping the toddler bed (which I’m convinced is an unnecessary step designed to make us poor) and going right to the single bed. We started by placing the bed in his room for him to look at, touch, think about, etc…. Every new thing in Avery’s world has to be explained and this was named the “Big Boy Bed.” Comically, Avery has continued to call it the “Good Boy Bed.” Yes, His pillowcase has a Space Invaders theme, there’s no telling how long I’ve had it.

For the last four nights, Avery has been “sleeping” in his Good Boy Bed. Problems are as follows:

1. There is no way to ensure that he remains in the bed. This morning, he met me in the hall. Bed rails are a joke.

2. There is a window at the head of his bed and the temptation is more than he can handle. Seriously, for the first 30-45 minutes after putting him to bed, he can be seen observing the neighbourhood from his new perch.

3. He has a bookshelf at the foot of his bed. This is probably a blessing in disguise as he has yet to realize that we can hear it when he drops a book.

This brings us to tonight. It’s currently 10:22PM and he’s still awake. The tell-tale thud gave it away. I went to go check on him and found him at the foot of the bed, just sitting there. We tucked him in at 7:45. Back in the crib, at least for one more night.


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2 Responses to “Bad Judgement?”

  1. joy Says:

    that is hilarious! I have a feeling Charlie will be doing the same thing one day!

  2. Natalie Says:

    Good luck! Alex has been in a ‘big’ bed for several months now only because I had to break down and start sleeping with him some (almost) every night—long story, big sleep issues—as to the getting out of bed, we finally had to put a plastic knob cover (the kind you grip to open) on his side of the door so he wouldn’t wander. But hopefully it will be a smoother transition for you guys…if you figure out any secrets, please do share!! 🙂

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