Tuesday Variety Post

Been fairly busy over the last few days, so hopefully this will catch me up.

Went to see Speed Racer on opening night. Unfortunately it has received poor reviews and I’m scratching my head as to why. I was immensely entertained. Visually stunning, plenty of laughs. A real-life cartoon. I’m wondering if people who review movies are just a little uptight? Let loose and feel free to laugh.

Saturday brought a trip to Kennedy Space Center (finally). Josh and I made the trek over to the East coast. The crowd was pretty thin, so lines were non-exisent. Started off with the general tour and the first stop was the shuttle launch observation point. The shuttle Discovery was on the launch pad in preparation for a May 31 launch. We were there about 21 days prior to launch, so the protective cover was still hiding most of the shuttle from view.

In August, there will be 2 shuttle launches fairly close together and both launch pads will be occupied at the same time (like in Armageddon). Next stop was the Saturn V rocket pavilion. Unbelievable. All you Good Morning America fans will note that the Saturn V was just named number 5 in the “7 Wonders of America.” This machine is beyond imressive. I could quote a lot of facts about the power of the beast, but standing under it inspires awe.

The International Space Station (ISS) center was the last stop on the tour. This facility receives components from international contributors to the ISS and processes them for delivery to the station. Not much was happening Saturday, but still cool to see it. A brief lunch was followed by IMAX movie #1 about the ISS. Fun fact of the day: When the ISS is complete, it will replace Venus as the brightest ‘star’ in the night sky. The Shuttle Launch Experience was next. Basically a big magic motion theater, but a lot of fun. Saw IMAX #2 about the moon, also good. Finished up checking out the rocket garden (below) and a quick peek in the Astronaut Hall of Fame. All-in-all a great trip.

Mother’s Day was also a lot of fun. Went to a cookout at Frank’s house and made it home in time for boys AND mom to get naps. I spent the majority of the afternoon cooking. The menu consisted of: Scalloped Ham and Potatoes, Steamed Broccoli, Homemade biscuits, and Yellow cake (Duncan Hines) with chocolate icing. It was palatable.


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One Response to “Tuesday Variety Post”

  1. Rebecca Says:

    you rock! if the meal tasted half as good as the table looked, you are in fine form! Lovin” the sunflowers!

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