Last Update…

As the title of the post says, this’ll be the last we hear for a couple of weeks. Hope you continue to enjoy!

April 20, 2008 Laurel Creek Shelter to Pickle Branch Shelter (22.3 miles)
Today was a day of showers and sun, making me put on and take off my rain suit. The rain suit is hot to walk in so I’ll probably leave it off more and more as the weather warms. I climbed 2 mountains today. On the ridge line of the first was a sign saying “Eastern Continental Divide”. Water to the left (west) of the ridge flows to the Gulf of Mexico and water to the right (east) flows to the Atlantic Ocean. I hiked up the second mountain with Casey, a software designer, and his 2 dogs. There is a monument to Audie Murphy, the most decorated soldier in WWII, at the top. He died in a plane crash somewhere on that mountain. Tonight I’m in shelter with Dynamite, Rat Sandwich, and 3 section hikers from N.J. Rat Sandwich is a Georgia Tech graduate who is doing the AT before getting into the job market. It was a long day and I’m tired, but I’m encouraged to see that I’m putting in a lot of miles most days now.

April 21, 2008 Pickle Branch Shelter to Johns Spring Shelter (13.6 miles)
I woke at 6am to hear the rain. Went back to sleep for another 2 hours. Had intermittent showers all day. Today’s hike took me to Dragon’s Tooth. —-*side note to Bearfoot: Traveler said to tell you he really agreed with what you wrote about the trail at Dragon Tooth! —- The ascent had some difficult spots, but the descent on the north side was really frightening. Several spots had shear walls with small hand and foot hold spots. It was especially difficult with a heavy pack. I made it down the mountain and hiked off the trail about 0.5 miles to a small grocery. They had hamburgers and hot dogs which were delicious!! Tonight about a dozen college students are camping around the shelter. Their camping trip is their final exam for a course at Roanoke College. I think things have changed a little since I was in College!

April 22, 2008 Johns Spring Shelter to US 220 (Daleville, VA) (18.8 miles)
Today began with intermittent rain, fog and a cold wind. The trail went be McAfee Knob and Tinker Cliffs, which are among the most photographed places on the AT. With the fog, there was no view at either place. [even so, photos below] The hike was long and hard with lots of climbing. I was surely glad to get to a motel to get cleaned up and rest. After I checked in, Rat Sandwich, a GA Tech graduate, came by and is sharing a room with me tonight. He’ll hike on tomorrow. Elaine will be coming the day after for a visit.

April 24, 2008 Harvey ‘s Knob overlook on the Blueridge Parkway to US 220 (Daleville , VA) (16.1 miles)
After a rest day, yesterday, I shuttled north and hiked back south to the Howard Johnson’s where Elaine is meeting me this evening. There are beautiful views from the Parkway and the AT in this section is well maintained. Since I was going south I met lots of thru-hiker friends including Rat Sandwich, Fire Juggler, Just Rick, and Yellow Jacket. Today’s event of note was the completions of 730.4 miles of the AT, which is more than one-third of the total! I’m going to be off the trail for a few days with Elaine and then heading north again. I appreciate the encouragement and prayers of friends and family. Please continue to pray for my health, safety, strength, and perseverance.


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4 Responses to “Last Update…”

  1. Rebecca Says:

    AVe- you must be musings from you lately..I’m finding that I miss them..they are a highlight to me when I’m online!

  2. Nicholas Says:

    Funny. It took me a little digging (or scrolling…wait a minute as I have a “moment whilst listening to my newly purchased Dave Brubeck cd for the first time…thanks) to figure out that you had not, in fact, abandoned your wife and kids and headed out for the AT. I was glad to find that out, for it would be very irresponsible to do so, I think. I have not looked at your blog for a while and have missed it. So don’t worry about posting again any time real soon. I have plenty of catching up to do. Engagement is engagement is engagement is engage…. Like the first hour and twenty minutes of Rocky IV. All we really want to see is Ivan Drago bleeding and worn out and humped in his corner saying, “He is like iron. He bends but will not break” or “He is not a man. He is a machine.” But all the other stuff in the movie (like the context that tells us why he is fighting the Russian in the first place (I mean besides the whole cold war bit, which we are left to fill in ourselves, those of us who grew up in it)) they say is necessary and actually makes the fight itself better. For now I remain a skeptic on this point regarding both the movie and the engagement. Wow. This is good stuff. I need to use it to update my blog. You wouldn’t feel used if I did so, would you?

  3. Nicholas Says:

    I did NOT put that “emoticon” in there. If it is possible for you to remove it, please do so. Things like frivolous emoticon use can come back to haunt one in the future. That’s apparently the next line of attack against your boy Obama.

  4. mixonitup Says:

    Does your dog bite?
    (dog biting)
    I thought you said your dog does not bite.
    That (Obama) is not my dog.
    No worries, emoticon is history. Also, Jen and I were engaged for 13 months. My advice, treat engagement like Groundhog day, get really good at communication and learn to play the piano. In regards to using your own material on your own blog- if you needed my permission, go for it. Good to hear from you.

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